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Building Cost Tally

I will be the first to admit that I haven’t been tracking our building expenses nearly closely enough so far, but in an effort to rectify that I’m creating this page and will do my best to update it regularly. Eventually I’ll get it all organized into different areas of the build similar to how I’m organizing our products list, but for now here is the rough list I’ve created naming everything I can think of that we’ve already purchased off the top of my head. ~Meg


Tiny House Expenses Tally

    • $15,900.00 – Amish Barn Raiser w/ dormers (includes a $1000 discount that was offered for the first month of sales)
    • $654.25 – Texas trailer registration, taxes, and late fees ($136.25 were late fees; $518 was taxes and registration)
    • $1303.18 – DaVinci Roofing for 2/3 of the roof (not the dormers)
    • $150 – Wine barrel for tub
    • $205 – Copper 15″ square sink from Signature Hardware
    • $280 – ReStore wood flooring for ceiling, flooring, other projects
    • $150 – Miscellaneous tools (tape measures, hammers, staple gun, nails, etc)
    • $69 – Class V trailer ball mount rated for 18k-lbs
    • $14 – Towing ball rated for 30k-lbs
    • $75 – Towing tools (hitch pin, pressure gauge, temp gauge, etc)
    • $125 – Lowe’s housewrap + tape
    • $175 – Grace ice & water shield HT x 1 box
    • $55 – Roof drip edge
    • $30 – Pond liner for temporary door
    • $3700 – 12 x Jeld-wen aluminum clad wood windows (double hung & awning)
    • $78 – Copper mule mugs x4
    • $65 – Steel plates x4
    • $35 – Antique copper bowls x3
    • $152 – Kitchen tools, mixing bowls, bamboo plates for R.A.D
    • $32 – Magnetic spice jars x12
    • $70 – Rug, lighting for RAD’s room
    • $65 – Bathroom porthole mirror medicine cabinet
    • $65 – Awesome steampunk shower curtain by DENY
    • $95 – LED stick on lights + batteries
    • $1545 – 300sqft of Beetle Kill Ponderosa Pine from Sustainable Lumber Co. (bottom half of siding + extra projects)
    • $250 – 3 packs Onduvilla 3-d shingles, matching nails, other necessary components for dormer roof
    • $810 – 300sqft 1″x12″x8′ cedar boards from Cedar Supply Inc. (top half of siding + extra projects)
    • $190 – 60sqft cedar shake shingles from Southern Shingles (accents on dormers, gables, front nook, etc)
    • $100 – roofing nails/screws, roofing tar, silicone sealant, chalk line, utility knife, waterproofer for roof sheathing, brushes, etc
    • $250 – various stains & sealants for the siding (having trouble finding “the one.”)
    • $180 – 1/4″ wood laths, nails, screws, 1×6″ cedar for belly band
    • $850 – Approx 80sqft of reclaimed barn wood from Reclaimed DesignWorks (windows, siding, etc)
    • $1125 – 4 reclaimed doors, various reclaimed hardware for doors/windows from Tiny Texas Houses
    • $100 – 5/8×6″ cedar for window trim backer
    • $460 – White birch poles (5- 4″x8′, 3- 2″x8′, 4- 1″x8′) for window trim, porch pole, stair rail, center beam, etc
    • $75 – additional Tyvek tape & house wrap
    • $100 – orbital sander & pads, paint brushes, small tool/finishing items
    • $520 – JetBoard magnesium oxide “drywall”
    • $400 – estimated cost of a bunch of random stuff I haven’t kept track of (extra wood, various electrical equipment and breaker panel, PEX, etc)
    • $142 – Shurflo High Flow Water Pump – 4 Gpm – 55 Psi – Su
    • $66.73 – Water Fill Hatch – City Hookup & Gravity Tank Fill
    • $37.13 – Double Waste Valve Assembly – 3 And 1.5in Dump Val
    • $31.73 – Super Heavy Duty Sewer Hose – Ez Flush – 18 Mil Vi
    • $82.52 – Furrion 30 Amp Cordset – 30ft – With Faultsmart
    • $39.95 – Furrion 30a Inlet – Round – Non-Metallic – W/ Led
    • $271 – customized 40gal fresh water tank with shipping
    • $1125 – Precision Temp RV-550NSP water heater
    • $230 – Danby 4.4cuft all-refrigerator
    • $32 – Rustoleum high heat paint in Aged Copper x2 (interior stove pipe)
    • $41 – Stove Bright high heat paint in Metallic Blue x2 (exterior chimney)
    • $125 – 4x Four-Ton Hydraulic Barrel Jacks
    • $175 – Heated Fresh a Water Hose 25′ long
    • $960 – Nature’s Head Composting Toilet
    • $125 – pair of filled 20gal propane tanks, connection hose
    • $5000 – approximate cost of Kimberly Wood Stove, venting components
    • $120 – 4 eyeball lights from Urban Outfitters hacked to be hardwired
    • $350 – Boyd industrial ceiling fan w/ LED Edison bulbs – Home Depot
    • $40 – pair of outdoor nautical style lights for bathrooms – Lowes
    • $30 – Utilitech flush mount nautical outdoor porch light – Lowes
    • $40 – galvanized barn style light for over trailer tongue – Lowes
    • $6 – Valspar turquoise spray paint (used on porch/trailer tongue lights)
    • $60 – pair of Rustico accordion fold wall lights (only used one) – Zulily
    • $20 – IKEA 3-strand ceiling pendant plus paper shades (in R.A.D’s room)
    • $576 – 5 custom bench cushions by Grateful Home (etsy) w/ Spoonflower fabrics
    • $250 – Graham & Brown textured paintable wallpaper (approximate)
    • $250 – Spoonflower custom wallpaper in 2 different prints



Oh, and since we had to buy a truck for towing our house, I guess I should include that total cost, too. We bought new, but you most definitely don’t have to and can get some good deals with thorough research. We didn’t need all the bells and whistles of the Longhorn Edition, but we had to search high and low to find the features we really did want (the AISIN tranny and mega-cab being top priorities) in any truck. We’ve never bought a brand new vehicle before, but having all the manufacturer warranties plus the extended warranties was very important to us since we plan to travel so much with our tiny house and have a toddler’s safety to think about on top of our own. Yes, we paid a premium buying new vs. used, but it was worth it to us to get the very best vehicle we could find for our needs.

“The Beast,” as we affectionally named our truck, is quite literally the heart of our tiny house travel plans, as without it we wouldn’t be going anywhere. It will be our home on the road as much as the house itself will be, and we just look at the truck payment as our new mortgage payment. And hey… it’s over $1000 less than the total monthly mortgage/HOA payment on our Big House, so no complaints here! 🙂

  • $69,054.04 – 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Longhorn Edition Mega-Cab 4×4 Cummins 6.7L Diesel & AISIN Heavy Duty 850ft-lb Torque Transmission, price includes TT&L

2 comments on “Building Cost Tally

  1. tinyhouserwannabe
    January 5, 2015

    I’m right there with you about documenting expenses. We started out recording everything but along the way we stopped. I’m not sure what we have in it total, and maybe I subconsciously don’t want to know! Lol.

    Love what you are doing. Best of luck to you.

    Kim and Jay

    • meg & brandy - TH43
      January 13, 2015

      lol Yeah, I admit I’m not totally on board with knowing every nickel and dime, but I really do have a pretty good idea of where we’re at. I haven’t even listed the trial-and-error costs of several stains and excess of various products, too. We’re trying to keep track of anything we don’t use in hopes we can return it to Lowe’s, but I’m not holding my breath on that. If nothing else we’ll donate whatever we don’t use to another tny house builder nearby that would benefit from the extra products. Good luck with your own build as well!! -Meg

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