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Texas, Our Texas

I know I whine a bunch about Texas summers (and I’m justified in doing so having survived being pregnant during the second hottest summer on record dangit!), but I have to admit that April and October both tend to lull me into a false sense of pleasant weather security. It’s fitting that my two favorite months in Texas happen to be the month my mom was born (April) and the month our son was born (October), the latter of which, however, also being the month my mom died. I’ve always considered myself a winter person, but April and October – spring and fall – in North Texas always bring about the best weather and the most beautiful foliage. No, we can’t compete with the spectacular autumn shows of New England, but our spring colors can compete with the best of them in my humble opinion. 

Having a father with such an amazing green thumb has always been a source of both pride and envy as I can kill both cacti and bamboo with ease. Thankfully that’s not the case for my dad, and his yard has always been the stuff of my girlish fantasy forest dreams. While I respect the effort that goes into maintaining a perfectly manicured lawn and garden, my inner hippy dippy self prefers that slightly overgrown English garden look with vines crisscrossing colorful bunches of various flowers and shrubs and peculiar sculptures dotting the grounds. That, friends, is my vision of outdoor heaven and a significant factor in why Washington state has captured my imagination since I was a kid. I love the idea of buying heavily wooded land that will require very little effort from me lest I bring my black thumb of death despite my best efforts to shuck it.

This spring has been particularly colorful at my dad’s house so far, and it’s made for a spectacular backdrop for the tiny house. Rather than continuing to wax poetic about my father’s skills with the verge, allow me to share a few photos of the place our tiny house will call home for a while. The first few were taken the afternoon we arrived as we parked the house in its new spot, and the latter images were taken during a beautiful Texas sunrise yesterday morning when I got home from work. Scenes like these with the cool morning temperatures in the 50s always make think, “See, Texas isn’t so bad.” Then May rolls around with average temps in the upper 90s and I remember our trip to Washington in August 2010 when the highs were in the low 70s while it was averaging 102 in Dallas. Ugh! All the same, I’m enjoying the beauty of this Texas spring my mother so would have enjoyed (she’d have been 74 this month) while simultaneously looking forward to the bittersweet but cooler weather month of October when we’ll celebrate our son’s 5th birthday and remember his beloved NaNa once again.

So, here’s to a prosperous spring for all your endeavors, a mild summer for all your adventures, and a plentiful fall for whatever you may harvest in life. 

-Meg πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ’™









2 comments on “Texas, Our Texas

  1. BA Norrgard
    April 10, 2016

    Great post!


  2. 2hayburners
    April 10, 2016

    Sounds like things are looking up. =)

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