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A Slacker’s Tale

So, I’m not *really* a slacker in life, but I have definitely been far too distracted with work and actual building on the tiny house to do much in the way of blogging. Apologies! I feel like a broken record when I say I’ve once again fallen victim to the ease of Instagram and Facebook, but that’s really just the truth. It’s hard enough to snap pictures of progress when your hands are covered in various paints, stains, insulating foams, caulks, etc. let alone actually attempt to type anything beyond a quick couple of sentences followed with copied hashtags conveniently stored in the IG app. So, again, apologies for our blog absence: we’ve been BUSY!

I’ve got about a jillion photos that I could post here to illustrate the progress of the last month, but filtering through them would take more time than I presently have to spare. Instead, I’ll bore you with a quick run-down of where we are in the build, followed by a promise to do a mass upload of photos onto our website’s gallery page. If you haven’t been there before, here’s that link:

TinyHouse43 Gallery

These aren’t going to be in any particular order mostly because asking me to recall the order in which they occurred would be about as successful as Trump’s bid for the White House will ultimately turn out. 😉 Amaright?! lol Anyway, here’s the major news on the house:

  1. The electrical system was installed with 12V DC to both bathrooms and the trailer tongue for the water heater with 120V everywhere else
  2. A loft extension was built to accommodate some custom storage stairs we’re hoping will be designed on time for us
  3. We had a local company spray closed cell foam into our walls and ceiling about a week after the Jamboree
  4. All JetBoard walls were installed on the main level
  5. The bulk of the ceiling materials are up with primarily trim work left to complete on the main floor and additional work needed in the loft and in R.A.D’s room
  6. The front nook walls (made from this gorgeous, expensive Danish hardwood flooring we got for $10 at Habitat ReStore) are about 90% complete and have functioning lights
  7. The PEX lines were run inside the building envelope (prevents freezing) and will be covered decoratively later
  8. Water tank was installed with exterior inlets connected to tank and main water lines
  9. Discovered electrical panels 3″ too close to back wall, so we had to completely redesign R.A.D’s room layout to accommodate – more adjustments still needed
  10. Custom kitchen counter built with sink and faucet installed – customization of the IKEA Olofstorp kitchen island started with more hacks to come
  11. Wine barrel cut in two with taller piece becoming our tub/shower pan; drain installed and barrel filled with water for a few days to eliminate leaks
  12. ShurFlo water pump installed and tested – minor leaks in the PEX repaired, and all lines now functional
  13. Detail painting occurring on underside of both lofts and front nook window
  14. Custom water heater and propane storage compartment was created for placement on the trailer tongue
  15. Precision Temp water heater, which wasn’t being cooperative, is now functional

That last item – the water heater working – was THE goal of all goals, because it means now our house is truly functional. Yes, we still have light fixtures to install, wall coverings to apply, more custom built-ins to complete, and two large handfuls of other details that will have to be completed for the house to be considered “done,” but now that we have electricity and running water, well…. everything else is gravy!

We officially leave for Colorado between 10/8 and 10/11, so now it’ll be a mad dash to get the house ready to move and be lived in. I’ve still got to order our Nature’s Head and Kimberly stove, plus we need a cooktop as well. The plan is to get everything that involves power saw completed before we leave, because we can always use hand tools to do the finish work. I’m hopeful we’ll get the custom reclaimed front door done in time, too, which means another big chunk of money to spend on the antique hardware for it. Oi!

At some point I’m going to look at my bank statement and just add up all the Lowe’s and Home Depot purchases to share as “miscellaneous,” because we’ve done a TON of shopping for so many random things there’s really no way to make an accurate list. I’m certain we’ve tacked on at least another $2-3K to our total price just in the last few months, and I’m hoping at some point I’ll be able to get a more accurate figure. I think we’re still going to come in under $50K total, but before you balk at that price remember this for example: $5K of that is JUST the fireplace and chimney pieces. We’ve got several big ticket items you could very easily spend less money on, and it is absolutely possible to build a tiny house for less money than we’ll ultimately spend. This is OUR house, though, and it’s been designed to meet OUR taste and needs. Others could probably build the basic structure for less than we have, but we have numerous personal features that cost more than what others might choose. We’re good with that because it makes the house suit us perfectly. 🙂

Okay, that’s it for now. I have 9/17-19th off in a row, so Brandy and I are going to hit the building hard and heavy since it’s my last batch of 3 or more days off in a row until we leave for Colorado. We’ve got to bust a move to get this baby done, so bear with the continued radio silence on the blog. If you’re into FB, Instagram or Twitter you can find us on all three as TinyHouse43. Our “friendable” FB page got shut down because FB finally figured out “Tinyhouse Forthree” isn’t a real name, but I’m working on having a profile again soon. Until then, enjoy the FB photos (I’ve rearranged them a bit and renamed albums to help streamline the images a bit) and bear with us as we make our final push toward completing our tiny house AT LAST!!!

-Meg ❤

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