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A “Honey Don’t” List

While I hate that I can’t help Brandy with the actual building of the tiny house these days due to an insane work schedule and a broken foot (don’t ask – I’m still wicked crazy embarrased by it lol), I have enjoyed the tiny house design talks we have as he chauffeurs me back and forth to work each day.

On today’s episode of “Haul the Wife to Work,” we’ve decided we are NOT going to affix a permanent gray water tank to the bottom of the house. Gary at THS rightly expressed his concerns about adequately protecting it in the freezing Colorado winters, and while he came up with some great solutions for us (namely high quality heat tape in additon to the haybale method we had already planned), after further discussion we both think going the portable route that THGJ uses will make more sense in the long run as well as save us money and effort upfront. This way we’ll only have the external pipes to heat tape and not a big, bulky, expensive box that would cost hundreds to buy or replace.

Also decided today is that we will NOT be rearranging the internal layout in order to relocate the water inlet to the driver side of the house. I intentionally put the kitchen and wet bath on the right side of the house next to each other to make running the water pipes easier and be a little different from designs I’ve seen elsewhere, but little did I know I was actually unintentionally tinkering with a traditional RV setup that puts all the utility connections on the driver side of the house. That makes total sense of course, but because that wasn’t in my mind when I laid out the interior (and specifically, when we installed the chimney for the fire place), I can’t easily rearrange the inside and would instead have to run water pipes all around the back end of the house. We were intentionally setting them up to only be in one wall for easy repairs if needed, and switching up the layout would mean having to split the kitchen into wet and dry sides as well. The window placement also hinders that plan, so for the sake of ease we’ll just buy an extra long water hose and some extra heat tape for the winter months and run it around the house somehow. C’est la vie. Lesson learned.

Lastly, after researching so many places to park around the greater Denver and Boulder areas, I’ve come to the conclusion that we won’t be able to skip the solar plans upfront after all. Many of the posts flat out said there was no elecricity, and many others preferred solar THOWs for varied reasons including not being able to separately meter useage. Since Gary did design everything for us to be solar ready and gave us a total parts list as well, we will just bite the extra-expense-bullet and prewire the house now. That’ll slow things down a bit now, but with my in-laws offering to help as often as they can and me just 3 weeks away from being a fully funtional human being again (well, mostly – will be in a walking boot for another month), we think we’ll be able to make enough progress to have everything wired up by the Jamboree at the very least. May still not have any interior walls up, but at least people will get to see what the guts of a tiny house look like – an important and often overlooked factor to consider when dreaming of your very own THOW methinks.

So, that’s where we stand at the moment. This whole process has been quite fluid and continues to be, so I’m not counting out further changes as time, circumstance, and patience permit.

Oh, and I should have our super kickass surprise for the house-shaped hole in the siding on the tongue end by the middle of next week. I can hardly stand it anymore- it’s gonna be SOOOOO SCHWEET!! Once we get it installed I’ll post pics. Super excited, especially since it’s being created by one of my very best friends! Yay! ❤ 

Here’s the only hint I’m giving, hehe…   

Leaving you guessing…

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