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Calling Colorado: Got A Place We Can Park??

It’s been a while since I’ve bogged mostly because I’ve been working a ton and the rainy weather has prevented much from happening on the build front, but I did get confirmation from my Texas boss tonight that I have been hired for the Colorado transfer I applied to a couple months ago. Yay! But yikes, too, because now we need a place to park the tiny house!

So, this is an APB to anyone within about 30 minutes drive of Westminster, Colorado who would be willing to lease a parking space for the three of us, 2 fat old Pugs, and a kitty for a year. We sure could use a little help! 😉

Here’s a list of the minimums we need in order of most important to least:

  1. Parking space at least 10′ wide by 30′ long by 15′ high for the house itself with enough clearance to safely maneuver the house to/from the parking spot plus enough room to park a Ram 3500 dually megacab truck – lease term 12mo+
  2. Electrical connection (extension cord or 30-amp supply)
  3. Access to fresh water either to plug directly into our house or to fill our storage tank
  4. WiFi or other internet connection for Brandy to do his school work

I’ve posted listings on both the Boulder and Denver Craigslist boards, so here’s a link to one of the for more details:

Seeking Tiny House Parking For Family Of Three – September 2015+

I do have a listing posted on TinyHouseParking.com that has us wanting to rent in August, but in having trouble editing it for some reason (and the site is down today 6/18 apparently). I’ll add that link once it’s working again.

Please pass the word if you’re willing – we’d sure appreciate it!

Much love and appreciation,

Meg, Brandy, and R.A.D

*featured image from COLyfestyle on Etsy – check out the shop for all sorts of cool CO related awesoneness!!*

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