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A Couple Quick Updates

While there really hasn’t been much progress on the tiny house itself, mostly due to the insane amount of rain we’ve had all across Texas (no, we weren’t in the flooded areas), there have been two related developments that are both positives to our overall tiny house downsizing and travel plans just the same.

The first is the news that the hospital I’m planning to work at in Denver bumped its opening date back a month to October first. That’s helpful for a few reasons, not least of which is the fact that we now have almost 2 extra months of build time before we need to be in Colorado. I know that sounds odd since the opening date was only moved a month, but because we were planning to attend the Tiny House Jamboree in early August and then spend the rest of that month relocating to the Denver area and setting up, we were essentially losing that whole month that could have been spent building. Now with the later work start date, we can still attend the Jamboree and yet still have an additional 3 weeks of August and almost all of September to keep working on the house in Texas. We definitely will make the trip for the Jamboree now, though I can’t accurately predict just how finished or not the house will be at that point. We’re just happy we get to go at all, and taking the house – finished or not – was a big motivator to make that trip happen. It was definitely a neater travel plan to hit the Jamboree in Colorado Springs and then just continue north toward Denver for my job starting a couple weeks later, but the drive to Colorado Springs really isn’t a bad one anyway – worth the effort to take part in the Jamboree as an “exhibitor” anyway. Yay!

The other bit of news just arrived yesterday in the form of an email stating that someone wanted to put in an offer on the Big House. Well, not only did they make an offer, but they made a FULL PRICE offer to boot! There is still the stipulation that they need to sell their current house first (they asked for a 45 day closing), but since they have a small house in our same neighborhood – which are VERY popular with investors and families alike – we are confident their sale will proceed smoothly and love that they want to stay in the same little town. It really is a great place, and in some ways it’s bittersweet that we’re moving away now just as R.A.D is entering the little kid social butterfly stage that the neighborhood caters too perfectly. C’est la vie – we’re certain he’ll have way cooler memories of traveling all across the North American continent in a tiny house on wheels than any number of walking distance parks could ever provide! 😉

So, that’s it for now. R.A.D started his 5-day/wk summer camp today, so hopefully now some real progress on the tiny house can begin again! We’ve still got to dig through the supply list from Gary at Tiny House Systems to make sure we understand everything and can find it all, and there still the matter of trying to store all the remaining building materials in a place that’s dry yet not in the tiny house itself. We’re just out of room! Anyway, more when there’s more!

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