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To reblog, or not to reblog… That isn’t even a question we have to ask ourselves! :)

It’s been brought to my attention by a disgruntled blog reader that re-blogging a post by another writer is putting in “less effort” and not worth keeping a subscription to our blog. I could have just deleted the comment and moved on from my day (yup, “they” win – I concede lol), but I do my best to address each and every comment or message we receive as honestly (and as quickly, though I admit this is a weak point) as possible. As I shared in my reply to this dear (former?) reader, I’ve re-blogged precisely 5 posts out of 99 total since 12/2013, and each one I found pertinent both to ourselves and anyone else working their way toward the tiny life. Meanwhile, the remaining 94 original posts by me are often so long and detailed I write them over the course of a few days. If that makes me lazy, then so be it! 😉

I started our blog both as a way to help keep us on track with our build and, more importantly, as a way for me to process the emotions felt with the 10/2013 loss of my mother to cancer. She and I had been looking at land in Washington the month before she was diagnosed, and it is in her honor that we trudge along with our dream toward living a simpler life in our tiny house in the state (literal and metaphorical) we’ve been trying to reach for many years now. Since then I’ve done my best to keep the posts on-point to the tiny house and leave my personal emotions out of it as best I can, but anyone who’s building or has built a tiny house can tell you it’s a VERY emotional journey akin to laboring and delivering a child (and I can make that claim having completed one while still laboring on the other). What can I say – I’m a protective mama to both of my creations!

So, it is indeed from an emotional place that I say this: be kind or be gone! Please keep your negative comments to yourself, and if you really don’t want to read our blog or follow us on FB or other social media anymore that’s just fine. Differing opinions are plentiful and varying viewpoints – and our ability to discuss them calmly and rationally for the most part – are what make us humans such unique creatures. Being mean for the sake of it, however, is something I find both unnecessary and reprehensible, particularly from fellow adults. I’d say it’s childish, but I don’t tolerate that behavior from kids either. No bueno!

So, to all our readers – past, present, and future – THANK YOU again for joining us on our adventures for whatever they’re worth. We’ve had so much fun reading your comments and learning from your own posts, too, and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial idea-swapping relationship! We enjoy sharing our own news and updates, but we will continue to share posts and photos from others that we find pertinent, interesting, and/or fun to both ourselves and others in the tiny house world as we see fit. If that’s not something you’re willing to tolerate from us, then I’m certain the un-subscribe process is just as simple to use as the one you signed up with. And to that we say good day! ❤ ❤ ❤


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This entry was posted on March 18, 2015 by in Randomness, Reblogs.

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