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*bom bom bom* Another Plan Bites The Dust…

We had a deep conversation about the huge trailer tongue shed we’re in the process of building after I expressed my concerns about both the weight and difficulty turning with such a big addition on. The base tray Brandy crafted out of 3/4″ plywood, 2x2s, and sheet metal alone was super, duper heavy, and that didn’t even count the rest of the framing, sheathing, siding, etc that would all go into finishing it out. I also didn’t like how far out the window bump out for R.A.D’s room was, but we both agree that we do like the bump out itself. It not only will give R.A.D’s room a more open feel but it also reduces the risk of any escaping propane fumes from wafting into his room with the window open since the tank will be right outside on the tongue. That was a big reason we pushed it out – the idea being that the fumes should have to “work harder” to move out and then back toward the open window vs. just easily being blow straight back in if the storage shed for the propane tank sat further out on the tongue than the window – but our concerns over the added weight of the whole contraption is making us too nervous to leave the plan as-is.

So, Brandy is right now chopping down the window bump out from about 23″ to roughly 12″ not including any sheathing and cladding. We’re also going to go on and finish the back end’s siding completely while incorporating the window bump out into the main house siding, but we’re going to hold off on creating the storage shed area for the propane tank and water heater for right now. Instead, we’re debating between having a welder create a permanently attached “cage” type setup that can be clad with wood or maybe even corrugated metal for an even lighter weight option or using steel studs (which are exceptionally light but very rigid once properly installed) and both sheet and corrugated metal to create the same kind of cage-type setup that we could remove at some point if needed. It’s just a matter of deciding which is better for our particular needs.

So, pics coming shortly after we make some progress on the design change. Stay tuned!

**2PM UPDATE: For now here is a very basic “before & after” of the first step in reworking this project:


The original bump out protruded 23″ from the back wall, which always felt too big to me. It was made that large because the storage sheds below needed to have enough room to house the water heater, but even then there would be a good 4-6″ of excess depth. Too much, and too heavy! This newer version is basically half that depth.

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