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It’s Raining, It’s Snowing…. And Sleeting. And Icy.

Well, all our building plans for the last few weeks have continued to be thwarted by our ridiculously fickle North Texas weather, and unless the rain and sleet of this evening dry out and warm up over the next couple of days our weekend plans to finish the shed and window bump out may be delayed yet again. /le sigh

So, since Jack Frost and Elsa decided to visit last week and grace us with their snowy presence, here are a few pics of the tiny house seeing its first proper winter weather. Granted it’s not as impressive as back East, but for Texas it’s pretty legit. 😉


Here’s the first snow we got on 2/23. More like Jack Frost sneezed on us, but you get the idea. 😉




Brandy double checked, but there were no leaks inside where we’ve got the temporary, high tech garbage bag seal on the window cutout. 2/23/15


Ice, ice, baby. 2/23/15


The DaVinci Bellaforte dripping with ice. 2/23/15


Here’s where we got a more proper snow on 2/27/15. Love it!


Interesting to me that this side, in both cases of snow days, doesn’t seem to hold snow on the roof like the other side does. Wind blowing it off maybe? Hmm… 2/27/15

Also, I know I’ve mentioned that I was training for a half marathon on March first, and while the winter weather we had that weekend caused the races scheduled for 2/28 (including the 5k I was supposed to run) and the full and ultra marathons to be canceled, the Cowtown Half Marathon survived Old Man Winter’s plotting and scheming after all! I’m the first to say, “I’m a finisher, not a winner,” when it comes to running races, and Sunday was no different. I’m happy to report I finished all 13.1 miles with a time of 3 hours, 38 minutes, and 30 seconds, and I ran all but about 1.5-2mi of the last 4 miles (hills… BIG hills… and a potty break… lol). So, while the snow, rain, and ice may be keeping us from making progress on the tiny house, I can proudly say it didn’t deter me from my personal goal!


“I Earned My Spurs” and completed my very first Half Marathon on March 1st even with the rain, sleet, and snow trying desperately to shut us down. Since I made the boys stay home in the warmth of Dad’s house, they surprised me with a homemade “Congratz – 13.1” banner and balloons. So sweet!

This weekend is supposed to be dry and somewhat warmer, so hopefully we’ll actually make some progress on the trailer tongue end additions. I’ve got a bunch of new Penofin Verde stain samples to test for the belly band and fascia cedar trim, too, and I’m anxious to get the rest of the beetle kill stripped and prepped for the final staining. I *THINK* I’ve figured out a technique to get the EXACT look I really, really want from it (I know, famous last words…. /le sigh), so fingers crossed all my trials and tribulations with that wood will soon come to a successful and beautiful conclusion.

Stay warm where ever you are!


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