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Okay, so I did have a little extra time to make a quick post after all. 🙂

So, the decision is made: we are going to skip moving to Colorado for a year and hit the road as soon as our house is done!

We are still going to try to have it completed (even if there are a few minor details not done) in time for the Tiny House Jamboree​ since that falls just 2 days after our 10th wedding anniversary and would certainly be a worthy way to celebrate. We are blessed that we have no forced timeline to adhere to beyond wanting to be settled in Washington in 2017, but I’ve got to start thinking about where we’d like to make camp for a few months at a time while I’m doing travel nursing. We hope to keep that to just one 12wk job, but we can stop more often as needed. We want to hit all 48 lower states and as much of Canada as we can, so the fewer long stops the better.

Version 2 of our proposed road trip! Don't worry if you don't see your state on there - we'll be making detours to make sure we hit all 48 Lower States before cruising to Alaska and flying to Hawaii for vacation. :)

Version 2 of our proposed road trip! Don’t worry if you don’t see your state on there – we’ll be making detours to make sure we hit all 48 Lower States before cruising to Alaska and flying to Hawaii for vacation. 🙂

TinyHouse43’s Nifty Fifty Road Trip: VERSION 2 | My new trip on Roadtrippers.com!

That brings me to our next decision: how to fund ourselves in other, more tiny house related (or other) ways along our journey.


This photo does it no justice, but R.A.D’s sword was cut from a single 2×4, rough shaped with a Dremel, detailed with a knife, and then hand sanded and painted by Brandy. Totally amazeballs! lol

Neither of us are much of sales people and have never freeelanced, so marketing ourselves is totally foreign beyond the submission of resumes to posted job openings. My photog and blog skills can’t compare to Jenna & Guillaume, neither of us are skilled enough at programming to offer those kinds of services, and we’re in no way tiny house experts that would command appearance fees for giving building advice. Nope, we’re just a couple with a kiddo who are building a tiny house to travel the country and then take up residence in another state. Don’t really see a “product” in that story.

So, any suggestions? I told Brandy we should open an Etsy store with our random bits and bobs we both make out of scraps of wood (his six-shooter rubber band guns are schweet, and the Adventure Time sword he made for R.A.D’s third birthday still amazes me), or my paintings, but having learned from my dad’s attempt at selling his paintings (which are FAR superior to mine IMO), art is pretty hard to sell there.

Any thoughts? We’d love to hear your ideas!! 🙂

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