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Happy New Year!

Everyone looooves making resolutions for each new year, and we all know about how well those tend to hold up past the end of January. Well, I’ll throw my hat in the ring anyway and not just hope for the best but expect the best of us, too!

The weather is too crappy to work on the TH, so I rang in the new year with a cold, sleety 5k run around the neighborhood. Not as much fun as sanding and staining wood siding (ha!), but it was definitely just as much work. 😜 On top of helping build our TH in my spare time (Brandy does the bulk of the work, bless him!), I’m also training for my very first half marathon 3/1/15! I’d never even run a mile without stopping until this fall, but I’ve signed up for two more 5Ks (did one in October) and a 15K in prep and will restart Camp Gladiator on 1/5, too. Plus, Brandy built a sweet squat rack and will be helping me lift weights, too. Tickets to the gun show, anyone!? 🏃😝 💪

2014 was all about taking steps toward bettering our lives by downsizing our stuff & our needs and preparing to chase our travel dreams in our THOW. Losing my mom 10/2013 was a massive blow to my spirit, and I threw myself into work to the point of exhaustion to distract me from dealing with her loss. Starting today I’m transitioning back to the night shift over the next six days so I can afford to only work 3 or 4 days per week instead of the 5 to 6 days I’ve been averaging this past year. Sure, it isn’t ideal (I’m actually converting a closet into a hideyhole for daytime sleep because Dad’s house S-U-C-K-S for that as I immediately discovered in July when we moved in), but for an almost $8/hr pay difference it’s hard to see a downside, especially since it’s just temporary. Once the tiny house is built, which I will now be able to help with much more since I’ll be home at least 3 days a week, I can choose a different shift or a different job all together to fit our travel plans. Oh, the joys of being a nurse!

Even better than being able to help with the TH, though, is that I’ll have more time with Mr. Sir, and that’s never, ever a bad thing. It’s rough having to leave him nearly every day and only see him for about an hour each night before he goes to bed, but my new schedule will have me home with him about half the week. WIN!!

2015 is a continuation of the path we set ourselves on fall of 2013, but for me personally it’ll also be about bettering myself physically and mentally along the way. This is the year I start taking back my health for myself and for my family so we can all enjoy our new tiny life to the fullest! R.A.D deserves two happy, healthy, fiscally fit parents who can provide him numerous opportunities to explore the world around him and learn as much as he can. We want to show him the world – literally – so we need to start saving now even while we are pouring money into the TH so we can all enjoy the fruits of our labor and have the funds to travel internationally, too.

Our family New Year’s Resolution is to not only complete our THOW, but to make sure we audit and amend our spending habits, our food prep/storage methods, our clothing collections (again!), and our must-haves/don’t-needs lists to tailor them all to life in a traveling tiny house. I’ll also be deciding if we’ll travel to Colorado with my two current employers this summer, and if not I’ll take the necessary steps to add certifications and experiences to make myself marketable to travel nursing agencies so we can hit the road immediately. Then we’ll have to decide how long to travel – one year or two!

Lots of big decisions and goals this year, but they are all within our reach with steadfast dedication, a big dose of patience, and a whole lot of elbow grease!

All the best to you and yours in this New Year, and good luck on your own journey into the tiny life or whatever your dreams and goals may be!!


Much 💖,

Meg, Brandy, and R.A.D 👪

P.S. The featured photo shows the original custom stained glass window we had made for our front door. Sadly, it was broken during shipping, but it has since been replaced. Window by Rienna at FairieGleannGlass on Etsy.

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