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Year End Recap: Remaining Exterior Projects

I just got my work schedule ironed out for the next three weeks, and sadly starting Xmas I’ll only have 2 days off between 12/25 and January ninth. So, I guess we’d better make the most of the 3.5 days I have off starting this Sunday! If I don’t get called in tomorrow that’ll throw in another build day, too. Fingers crossed!!

Provided the weather holds out for the next few days, the goal is to get the siding done on the two long sides of the house not counting the dormers. That would leave only the tongue side left to complete after we fabricate our storage shed/window bump-out piece, which includes installing R.A.D’s window into the new bump-out, installing the tongue-facing window in the loft, and then completing the trim and siding on everything. Just the tongue end will take a couple days at least, so we’ll likely save it for after the new year.

After all of the main level is completed we’ll get the other 4 dormer windows installed and finish up the siding around them as well. We’ve got a bit more finish work on the tongue-end and dormer roof areas to finish, and we still need fascia boards on all sides of the house. I’ve got a custom stained glass window being made for the front door we need to refinish and transform into a Dutch door, but after that I think the entire exterior will be complete. Yay! Now to make it so!

I also just took a few minutes and sketched out essentially what the new shed/window bump-out combo will hopefully look like. Check it out, and forgive my very crude drawing skills:


What I need to do now is look up the measurements of 20# and 40# propane tanks, as well as those of the Precision Temp water heater that vents through a pipe under the trailer bed. It’s NOT cheap, but we think it’ll be worth it to have one less funky propane venting issue to contend with. We’ll need to accommodate these things in the shed compartments, so it just makes sense to build the whole thing with them in mind. Everything else is just details, including the need to create a new window frame, but we’re confident we can make it all work.

That’s it for now. Just hoping the weather (and my employers) cooperates for the next few days so we can get this show on the road!

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