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The best laid schemes of mice and men…

…and women and tiny houses… oft go awry.

Well, the posts on Exterior Build Days 2-3 never made it up because 1) we didn’t get nearly as much done as we’d have liked due to uncooperative weather, my broken hand, and our school/work obligations, and 2) because we were visited by the gastroenteritis fairy that’s shared its joyful symptoms with one and all of us to one degree or another. Yuck! Anyway, blogging fell to the very bottom of the To-Do list for a while, and the ease of Facebook posts overruled when it came time to share what little progress we’ve made. Needless to say, there are several new photos and albums on our page, so be sure to check them out if you’re of the FB inclination: Facebook.com/tinyhouse43

Anyway, the goal had been to get the entire exterior completed over the 4.5 days I managed to arrange to have off in a row between my two jobs, though Brandy still had classes on 2 of them and Monday the 3rd was pretty much a waste because he wasn’t home until 10am and I had to leave for work at 2pm. Worse, it was a freakishly slow Monday at the ER, so I got sent home at 7pm instead of 11pm since I was the mid shift nurse. While the extra money is nice, I would have much rather spent that time working on the tiny house. C’est la vie.

We wanted to have all this done over the summer, but shit just keeps getting in the way. All I can say is that I’m super grateful for the Bank of Dad loan that allowed us to get the Barn Raiser, because I can guarantee that with the rate we’re going now we’d only have a pile of lumber sitting on an otherwise empty trailer had we not bought a pre-framed shell to start with! I envy folks who have tons of free time and/or lots of helpers to build their tiny house soooooooOOOOOoooo much right now, but I have faith we’ll get it done somehow.

I’ve actually had to make yet another change to my work schedule starting 1/1/15 that will put me back on night shift full-time with what is currently my PRN (as needed) employer and back to PRN with my current FT one. Sad but true, I’m making the switch almost entirely based on money, but it’s because with that increased pay ($7.08/hr more) I should be able to work 3-4 twelve hour shifts per week vs. the 6-7 shifts plus on-call shifts per week I’m working now. I promised myself I’d never make career decisions based solely on money, and while technically the pay increase allowing me to work fewer hours is the REAL reason I’m making the change, it still bugs me that the almighty dollar holds such sway over me right now. Of course, it doesn’t help that we’re still paying $1k/mo on a mortgage plus insurance, full-coverage on 2 vehicles instead of just one, plus all the other expenses of living (including the credit card payments on the ones we’re using to buy building materials with). Our plans just didn’t pan out as we had imagined when I accepted a lower stress but considerably lower paying FT job back in May. Once again, c’est la vie.

So, as of today, here’s what’s left to be completed for the exterior of the house not counting the “shed” and expanded window area we have to build for R.A.D’s room and storage for the propane tank, etc (more on that later). Sadly, this list is MUCH longer than we’d like:

  1. Finish reframing the door-side windows and install (just 2 on that side)
  2. Install all 5 loft windows
  3. Install the remaining exterior foam insulation and re-wrap house with Tyvek
  4. Finish installing laths over the new house wrap in line with the studs
  5. Finish sealing the backs/edges of all the beetle kill and cedar siding
  6. Buy and install a “belly band” to divide the two siding styles and paint it (color TBD)
  7. Install exterior window trims and paint them (color TBD)
  8. Install the siding: beetle kill horizontally on the bottom half, cedar as board & batten on the top half, and cedar shake as accents on the dormer edges/faux gables/porch/etc.
  9. Stain or paint all the exterior siding after installation.
  10. Fabricate and install the custom front door.
  11. Finish the last of the roofing trim and Onduvilla install so the metal ridge piece can be measured for and fabricated, then install that.

I’m certain something is missing in that list, but my poor broken hand is starting to ache from me typing with just one finger on that side. I’ll leave you with a few photos I snapped tonight while we were alternating between arranging stuff inside the TH while it was raining and installing the first few Onduvilla tiles in the little blip of rain-free time we had before it got too dark to keep working outside. I work again at 3pm tomorrow and Brandy won’t be back from class until about 10am again, but hopefully we can sneak in a little more work if the weather holds out. No promises!! 😛

This was the first time I saw the new windows from the inside. Really starting to look like a house in here!


Even with all this stuff in here there’s a LOT of room in the tiny house. Glad we finally bought some clamp lights, too!





























Who needs a tool box when you have perfectly good studs to hang stuff from?
















 I ❤ how Brandy labeled his glove nook the way our 3yr old pronounces it. 😉



 Even though the house is nowhere near completed and the image is super blurry, I couldn’t help but post it. It helps me picture how the house will look in the dusk of a Washington forest. /swoon







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