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Caught A Break…

…in my dang hand, that is. Yeesh!

So, I’m typing this with only my right index finger and left hand, because this dummy managed to break the head of my 3rd metacarpal at the MCP joint (aka the knuckle where my middle finger meets my hand) when I accidentally hyperextended my middle finger after slamming the truck’s shifter into gear when I was in a big damn hurry last Friday morning at 0615. Our other car’s alarm had gone batshit crazy on me at 0555 and took a good 10 minutes and 2 people (thanks, Dad!) to shut the spastic, possessed thing off, and that’s when I discovered hubby dearest had been driving around all week with an empty tank. So, now very late to leave for work, I had to run back in the house to grab the truck keys, schlep all my crap out over to it, and all while running on the still-sore right hamstring I’d pulled at my boot camp workout Wednesday (first time I’d tried to do two camps back-to-back Tue/Wed without waiting at least a day in between – oops!). Needless to say, I was spitting mad and frazzled, and in my hurry and frustration I just slammed the steering wheel mounted shifter too fast, and the bar slid between my fingers and bent my middle finger backward hard and fast. Lemme tell ya – that HURTS!

So, 5 days later it was still hurting me despite having had a normal X-ray the day it happened, and 2 radiology managers and the doc I worked with yesterday harassed me into getting it X-rayed again.


IMG_2011 - Version 2

All this grief over this tiny little chip… Le sigh…


Needless to say, I heard a chorus of I-told-you-so last night and now have my right hand splinted for the next month. If it was my middle finger itself that was hurt this wouldn’t be that big of an issue because I could just splint that finger to another one and call it a day. Unfortunately, though, the location of the break (not a complete fracture, and it’s not out of alignment thankfully) means that I have to splint my entire hand with my knuckles wrapped tightly to prevent my fingers from moving. In fact, I probably shouldn’t even be using my right pointer finger to type, but that’s not my biggest concern right now, though paper charting and IV sticks are going to be interesting today for sure.

At least it’s colorful! /facepalm


Nope, it’s the fact that I took off 5 days between my 2 jobs to finish buttoning up the outside of the tiny house starting tomorrow and now will be doing that with only one hand. I’m blessed that Brandy is wicked crazy handy and can build just about anything, but we’ve got soooooOOOOooo much to do in just a few short days with a good portion requiring 2 people to do it. He said I can just delegate, but there are so many things I could be doing simultaneously. Thankfully I think I can at least still stain and paint wood without too much trouble, and I can help hold the windows in place to plumb them and also help flash the openings and edges, too. Definitely won’t be any help on the roof now, but Brandy’s really done a pretty good job of that on his own anyway.

Anyway, the first order of business tomorrow will be to go pick up all the remaining supplies we need anyway, and I think I can manage collecting 99% of that on my own. I’ll have to get some help with the cinder blocks and any extra lumber we need, but the rest of my list is pretty easy to handle. Here’s what all we still need to pick up +/- a few things I’m certain we’ll realize we still need as the install progresses:


  • 4’ level
  • Cinder blocks
  • Pallet wood (have 3 to use) or 2x4s


  • DuPont Flexwrap x1 (95’) $195 – ordered 10/27
  • DuPont flashing tape x2 (150’) $86 – ordered 10/27
  • Composite shims – $1.68 per pack @ Lowes
  • Minimally expanding foam – $5.48 per can @ Lowes
  • Silicone adhesive
  • Roofing nails (same kind we got for DaVinci…?)
  • 2×4 to reframe most openings – Lowes or pallets
  • 1×4 to shrink 22-18” DH openings
  • Level
  • Tyvek tape – Lowes (leftover from 2nd house wrap?)


  • Star-head screws en masse
  • 1/4”x2” wood lath strapping for rain screen
  • 1/2” foil backed foam boards (approx 10-12??)
  • Sandpaper
  • Extra pair sawhorses


  • Plumb line

Now, I’m fairly certain we’ll find a thing or two we didn’t think of along the way, but that list plus the items we already have on hand should cover the bulk of the materials we need to finish everything up. Oh, I just remembered we need a heat gun for instance for the Onduvilla roofing (we’re doing something a bit different with our rake tiles, as in fabricating them ourselves), so there’s one thing right there. I’m certain that won’t be the last either, and I’ll try to keep track and add all the costs to our list, too. Thankfully once the outside of the house is weather tight we can work on paying off the 0% interest cards we used to buy all this stuff before the interest kicks in, and then we can really start making headway on the interior.

We’ll get it done somehow anyway. We’ve still got to make the final decision on what we want the front door to look like, too, so we can get the hardware ordered and start cutting it down to fit. Until then, though, we’ll keep using our black pond liner flap “door,” which has really worked pretty darn well so far. I’ve got to get Brandy to design  the stained glass window we’re having made for the top portion, too, and then we’ll get that on order as well. I think the door will be a lot of fun to craft, so I’m really looking forward to that part.

Okay, time to give the hand a rest. Check back for build pics and maybe a video or two over the next several days. At the very least I can still play camerawoman! Ha!


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