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You know you’re exhausted when…

…you sync your fitness tracker watch and discover you slept 19 hours and 15 minutes in a row with only one interruption for a bio break. Yeesh! I haven’t slept like that since I was in college!!

So, clearly I’ve been working entirely too many hours lately trying to play catchup from the unexpected expenses from our move out of the Big House (that we’re renting out) and into the Half-Way House (my dad’s place). It never fails that we go broke for a month or two every time we move, but this time was definitely the worst since we were prepping two houses to be lived in vs. just moving out of an apartment or loft as we had previous times where the owners would do all the prep work for the new tenants. This time WE are the owners of the old dwelling, and that took a big bite out of our savings. Add that to the failed plan to pay off the negative equity of our 2nd vehicle before selling it off for a clean break (the value dipped by $2500 just after I paid $5500 on it, naturally) and the fact we’re now paying for two vehicles to have full coverage insurance (plus the Big House insurance, too) to the tune of $297/mo, and we just got tapped out at the last minute. The upside of being stuck with the 2nd vehicle, however, is that it’s letting Brandy take classes on campus for the next 2 semesters, which means he can save some of the online ones for while we’re in Colorado next year. Better than paying out of state tuition! Ack!

Anyway, we’re slowing digging ourselves out of that rut (not behind on anything; just drained the savings accounts is all – ugh!), but at the same time we’ve been making some pretty big purchases for the tiny house that just can’t wait. I last posted that we were going to use credit cards we had on hand to make many of these big purchases, but I took a chance and applied for 2 more with much larger limits, 0% introductory offers for 12-18mo each, and lower interest rates than several of the cards we currently have. As such, we should be able to put all the remaining purchases on just those two cards ($10,800 available) and get them paid off during their 0% periods, too. The purchases we’ve already made have been put on current 0% cards as well, so we’ll be breaking those balances down into equal payments that get them all paid off before their no-interest periods expire. Would it have been better to pay cash for everything we need for the tiny house?? Yes, of course it would, but thems the breaks! This should condense all our tiny house purchases down into four cards totaling $21,300, which is just over the max we want to spend on the tiny house anyway. I admit it’s not a perfect plan, but it’s what we’ve got to work with just the same.

In yet another roofing update, we’ve ordered more DaVinci Bellaforte rake tiles for the tongue side of the trailer for $213.03, bringing that portion of the roof to just over $1300. We ended up finding a MUCH closer roofing company to place that order so we wouldn’t have to drive 90min round trip again (the other place wouldn’t take a credit card by phone/fax), and I’m wishing I’d used them from the get-go now. Live and learn! That extra order will let us use the DaVinci rake tiles on the tongue side of the trailer, and we’ll just screw them in with extra screws beyond what they use in their installs. Yes, the screws will show some, but it’s far more important that they hold up against the wind forces than look perfect. The folks at DaVinci (here’s to you, Liz and Katie!) have been fantastic to work with on this project, and we’re very appreciative of their help coordinating our special requests.

The Onduvilla folks (who are also totally awesome by the way) are sending us samples of their 2 different green tiles that should arrive on Monday, and we’ll get that order placed Tuesday. By the way, if you are using Onduvilla for any small roofing projects (ours uses just 3 bundles, or 1 roofing square, of shingles plus the coordinating nails and some special rake tiles called Verge Pieces) and plan to special order from Lowe’s, just be aware that Lowe’s places a restriction on how many bundles you can special order. They require a minimum of 10 bundles (3 squares, which covers approximately 300sqft of roof), and they don’t have access to the much prettier Verge Pieces for the rake edges of the roof. Jenna and Guillaume at Tiny House Giant Journey used the Verge Pieces on the ends of their Onduvilla roof (link to pic), and they’re just much prettier and more polished looking than the universal pieces Lowe’s sells. You can’t buy the shingles directly from Onduvilla/Ondura, but they’ve been excellent at arranging with us to get them purchased through a company out in Virginia. Truly, they’ve gone above and beyond to help us with all this, and we’re very thankful.

So, that’s it for now. We’ve got the Kimberly stove vent order ready to go ($559.12 – thanks Vanessa!) and the Beetle Kill Pine siding order from Sustainable Lumber Co ($1545 – thanks Ryan!), too, so those will be the first purchases on the new cards. The rest of the siding will be high quality plywood sheeting with decorative battens and some accent areas done with cedar shakes, but we can get all that locally. The biggest purchase will be the rest of the windows at around $4500, and I’m going to see if I can get Pella to make us a French casement window in a different color than our Jeld-wens for the front facing big window that’s by itself. We thought a little color there would make a pretty accent, and we’ll try to match it to the metal roof ridge piece we’re having made, too. Progress in the shopping department anyway! 🙂

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