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Roofing Materials Update

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

While I still have to place the physical orders for 2 of these items, we have at least narrowed down everything we’ll need for our roof now. We’ve selected our Vellux skylight and have the Kimberly stove venting kit finalized as well, and both just have to be purchased now. If the timing works well for all the products to arrive, we should have all the roofing done by the end of the month or sooner.

Here’s where we are with the actual roofing materials:

1) We have the DaVinci Bellaforte shake in dark gray, light purple, light green, and light violet (without the Veri-Blend process) on order already for about 2/3 of the roof but need to buy a few more rake tiles for the tongue end of the trailer. We’ve concluded that we CAN make them work with additional securing via screws even beyond what they demonstrate in their install video. We decided this after a roofing estimator came out on Saturday to discuss options for metal rakes, and he had the same concerns we did – how to “marry” the metal with the DaVinci and Onduvilla. We like that now the ends of the roof will all match their primary roofing material at least. The DaVinci rakes will be sturdy enough even on the tongue end, but we will definitely not be using the ridge pieces due to concerns of uplift while traveling.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 12.32.47 PM

2) We’ve narrowed down the precise amount and types of Onduvilla products we need for the dormers, which will have spruce green tiles and matching verge rake tiles along both sides of the dormer ends. We will secure them with a few extra matching nails on the tongue side of the trailer. Incidentally, 3 packages of Ondvilla tiles (~$45/ea @ Lowe’s or special order for some colors) = 1 roofing square (100sqft of coverage), which will cover the dormers completely with some left over. The verge tiles are NOT the rake/ridge pieces carried in the Lowe’s stores, however, so if you want a cleaner look like the roof of Tiny House Giant Journey, you’ll need to special order the verge rake pieces. Lowe’s carries three colors of Onduvilla in most but not all stores just FYI. We will be special ordering from the Pro Desk.


3) Metal Roofs of Texas will be fabricating our roof ridge from their slate blue standing seam collection of Sheffield Metals material. I know you’re probably thinking one of the green colors would blend better, but we’re actually trying to emphasize the blue tones in the DaVinci shake more than the green in the Onduvilla and DaVinci. Who knows – we may change our mind on the metal color or just custom paint the Onduvilla! Plus, there’s a similar blue window we’re thinking of for the front of the house, but we’ll see what we decide once we get the main roofing on. Anyway, I’m fairly certain the ridge will be aluminum and not steel, but I’ll be confirming that before the order is placed. It will provide the added protection from wind uplift while traveling down the road as it is one continuous piece of metal secured with screws and capped off at the ends where wind can’t get under it. We’re also discussing adding their radiant barrier material over the whole roof and potentially under the house siding, too, in place of an extra layer of rigid foam board insulation.



Photos from http://www.davinciroofscapes.com, http://www.onduline.com, and http://www.sheffieldmetals.com

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