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Skylight Glass Debate

Okay skylight owners, I need your opinions. I’ve narrowed our skylight choices down to two nearly identical Velux models that will easily fit between our roof trusses and require very little finagling of the roof compared to some models I’ve priced, but I’m curious about whether or not it’s worth it to get the laminated tempered glass vs. the standard tempered glass option. It comes down to about $50, but since Brandy’s experience with laminated glass at work was terrible vs. the thousands upon thousands of tempered pieces he dealt with (he installed automatic doors in hospitals, offices, etc for 8 years) I wanted to see if anyone out there has any info pro/con that might sway me.

This is from a sales site called SkyLightGuys.com (Velux site is a bit convoluted IMHO) with bold emphasis mine:

“Energy efficient glass options for added safety and energy efficiency

All VELUX skylight glazings are built using energy efficient, LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes. The FS skylight comes with your choice of the following glazing options, each designed to meet the needs of specific building situations:

Impact glass – Special safety glass designed to meet code requirements for hurricane prone areas (Available for select sizes)
Laminated glass – Tempered safety glass with extra laminated pane for added safety and comfort
Tempered glass – Tempered safety glass
Snowload glass – Special safety glass required in some heavy snow areas”

What I’m focusing on is the “Laminated glass – Tempered safety glass with extra laminated pane for added safety and comfort.” That all sounds good to me, and for $231.99 vs. $183.99 for the standard tempered glass option I think it’s a go personally. I’d LOVE to do the impact glass since we’ll be traveling so much, but that puts the cost with the flashing kit included to $587 – can’t justify that! 😦

Anyone out there have any experience with Velux skylights and/or laminated glass they can share before I hit the purchase button? Thanks!

Here are links to the SkyLightGuys page, though I found lower prices elsewhere on the tempered and laminated versions:



2 comments on “Skylight Glass Debate

  1. Rhia R. Drouillard
    August 26, 2014

    Link not working

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