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Seating Solution? Perhaps…

I think I might have found a solution to our tiny-but-comfy-sofa issues, though none of these options are what I’d call low cost. Still, I’m happy to see there actually are a few settees and loveseats out there under 60″ wide that don’t look completely like a dining banquette, which I happen to adore but can’t fathom sitting on for a 2-hr movie. Try as I might I just can’t wrap my brain around a bench seat for anything other than dining rooms or entry ways.

There’s actually a whole page dedicated to small-scale furnishings on West Elm’s site, which I should have guessed since New Yorkers invariably have tiny apartments and lovely taste! The ones that would work best for us are the 54.5″w Captain’s Settee (my fave but I’m betting Brandy’s least fave due to the short arms), the 57.5″w Elton Settee, and the 56″w Sutton Soffette. If we can squeeze a few more inches in, the 60″w Everett loveseat would undoubtedly be Brandy’s favorite simply because it looks the most like a “real” sofa, but it also has closer to “real” sofa dimensions, too. As I said, though, none of these are inexpensive but definitely worth considering.

Here’s the West Elm link to their small scale furniture collections:

West Elm Small Space Solutions

Another pair of larger ideas are from RoomsToGo and include a 61″w model called Sommers Landing found here:

Rooms To Go Sommer’s Landing 61″w loveseat

And here’s a Cindy Crawford Home one that would be a top pick simply because we adored the huge slate Metropolis sectional of hers that we sold when we moved out of the Big House:

Rooms To Go Cindy Crawford Home Montclair 60″w loveseat

Anyway, those are definitely some viable if pricey options. I would really prefer our primary seating area be multifunctional (very important in such a small space), so I’m still weighing other ideas. I’ve been kicking around taking an IKEA kid’s bed slatted base (27-1/2″D) and somehow constructing a base for it that would give any cushions on top a bit of give when being sat upon, but those bases are already past the absolute max I think we can squeeze in at 63″w. We might be able to manipulate that length without destroying the thing, and at just $9/ea I guess it couldn’t hurt to try anyway. Just more things to research and tinker with!

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