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Dallas Tumbleweed Workshop Photos Sent By Attendees + Window Update

OMG are we all three tiiiiiirrrreeed from all the prep work involved in getting the tiny house ready to roll down to the workshop, battling in the rain and muck to get it out of the yard and onto the street, and then playing Vanna White for several hours for all the lovely folks we met at this weekend’s Tumbleweed workshop. It was such a fun day, and I’m so glad folks braved the rain in the morning and the scorching heat in the afternoon to check out the house! It really was a blast, though I really could have used the night off from work to recuperate – no bueno getting called in at the last minute! Bah! Humbug! So much for us getting the windows installed today, but at least Brandy got them unwrapped and sitting out in the house to get acclimated. That’ll make the install easier.

Oh, and someone asked on the FB page what window products we’ll be using to flash the openings, and I don’t have that answer just yet. What I did share with him, however, is a video I found that has some great tips on window installation that we plan to utilize. I think the guys who made it are Canadian, meaning some of the specific products and techniques they use might be different from what we can find/use here, but the principles are the same and their explanations are great we think. Here’s a link to that video for anyone interested:

HouseImprovements YouTube video on How To Install A Window (New Construction)

Anyway, I mentioned in the Round 1 post yesterday that I forgot to take photos (we were really curious to see how many folks fit into the house all at once), but some of the great people that came out to see us sent in some of their photos. Yay! I’m posting them here with the caveat that if you find yourself in one and would prefer not to that you please, please let us know so we can edit it. We don’t want to share images of folks who’d prefer not to be, though I think the vast majority of these images show the back and sides of most folks rather than faces. Also, if you attended and took photos you want to share, just send them on over to tinyhouse43@gmail.com and we’ll add them to the collection! Photo credits are listed as well. Enjoy!

DallasWorkshop081714-LoraineHPhoto by Loraine H. – the line was 15 deep according to Loraine, and at one point I counted about 17 inside the house!

DallasWorkshop081714-HazelF-4Photo by Hazel F.


Photo by Hazel F. – thanks again for braving the rain everyone!


Photo by Hazel F.


Photo by Hazel F. – see, tall people fit under the loft! 🙂

DallasWorkshop081714-JaquiB-1Photo by Jaqui B.


Photo by Jaqui B. – heading down the neighbor’s driveway to our parking spot behind the “Half-Way House.”

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