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Dallas Tumbleweed Workshop Showing: Round 1

Phew! Round 1 of showing the house-in-progress of is done, so now we are waiting on some pizza to arrive before round 2 when the workshop ends around 3:30pm. Slacker me forgot to put on our really awesome name tags, so there were lots of, “Is this your house,” questions. Whoops!! I also realized afterward that I never took any photos of the crowds, but it was impressive to see about a dozen folks at a time wander in and out without completely trampling each other.

R.A.D also had fun with a couple other kiddos chasing each other in circles around the ladder, and he and Brandy are out splashing in the puddles now. We had planned to bring a 2nd car so we could take off for lunch and even drop R.A.D off at my dad’s place for a nap, but he’s a trooper and likely too wound up to snooze now anyway. That’s okay – he slept in late from all the rain and will sleep like a champ tonight.

Well, so far we’ve met some cool local folks and even a few from as far away as Maryland, and we’ve also had some offers to help with the building. How cool is that??!? I’m so proud of my fellow Texans for being so open to the concept of tiny living. Never in a million years would I have thought so many in our “Everything’s Bigger In…” state would take such an interest in an idea that radically contradicts what most people think of when they think of Texas: BIG!

The southern hospitality the Tumbleweed folks have mentioned experiencing to me, however… All I could say was, “Yup, it’s Sunday!” We really are a friendly bunch here, so it was no surprise to hear the compliments from the Cali folks about how welcome they feel. 🙂 I may want to live in the cooler climes of Washington state, but my 💛 will always be in Texas!

I did take a few pics of the house out on my dad’s street after we pulled it out of his yard for the first time since we brought it home in May, and I didn’t get it stuck in the mud in the process. Yay! Anyway, here’s a couple shots as penance for not getting any with the workshop attendees. Enjoy! ~Meg





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