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Windows Have Arrived!!!

The three windows we ordered arrived today just before the rain showed up, so I dashed to Lowe’s and got them offloaded into the garage before they got wet. I wasn’t going to peek beyond what I could see behind the shrink wrap, but my impatience got the better of me and I just HAD to unwrap a window before bed!!



The first 4 images below are of the awning window that goes in the loft on the tongue end, which we are using like a vent for the hot air. I see now what the lovely Rachel at Tiny House, Big Adventures means about the inside of the windows being untreated wood. Note to self: get a good quality sealant and coat those puppies before they swell so big they don’t close, which is what happened to Rachel’s up in Alaska this winter. YIKES! You’ll also see that I had the dividers encased between the glass for easier cleaning, though it does mean we can’t ever change their colors. No biggie really – we like gray!





The last 2 pics are of one of the double hung windows for the main floor sides. These are excellent for creating cross breezes (open the tops on one side of the house and the bottoms on the opposite side), but just remember: these do NOT share the same “standard sizing” with awning and casement styles. If you purchase a Tumbleweed Tiny House Company Amish Barn Raiser and want to use double hung windows (and probably single hung, too – confirm with your sales folks), you will need to adjust the pre-framed window openings to fit the slightly smaller double hung window (22-1/8″ wide vs. the 24-3/4″ that comes in your Barn Raiser). Measure, measure, measure, and order by the rough opening to get the best fit!! 🙂



Now to sleep so we can head ’em up and move ’em out to the Dallas workshop tomorrow! G’nite!!

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