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DaVinci & Onduvilla Updates

I have to say, I’m constantly impressed with the folks at both DaVinci and Onduvilla.

Even though their policy for a custom blend of DaVinci Bellaforte shingles requires a 3-4wk production time of an official sample of their product that then has to be signed off on before they’ll even produce the official order (taking approximately another 3-4 weeks), the very pleasant rep that is helping me now, Liz, managed to pull some strings and is mailing us the official samples TODAY! I’ll be able to get them officially approved and, therefore, officially ordered in a matter of days vs. weeks thanks to her help, which means our poor roof will finally HAVE a roof sooner rather than later. Yay – we’re almost official! lol (Bonus: turn this paragraph into a drinking game by taking a shot every time I wrote “official.” lol)

The folks at Onduvilla are also fab! Steve, the same gentleman that helped Jenna and Guillaume over at Tiny House Giant Journey, contacted me yesterday to update me on options for ordering the color we want (Spruce Green) and to essentially console me after a less than stellar roof ordering experience. Thankfully that problem had nothing to do with Onduvilla or even Lowe’s (which carries 3 of the 5 colors of Onduvilla plus a couple different colors of the similar Ondura products in stores FYI), but I was so grateful to him for sharing contact info to circumvent the middleman if need be. That help came totally unsolicited, too, which made it that much more appreciated!

And this, my friends, is what excellent customer service looks like! We haven’t even installed our roof yet and already I’m shouting from the mountaintops how awesome it is (going to be) because of these great folks. Bully to them, and many sincere thanks from us!


One comment on “DaVinci & Onduvilla Updates

  1. Kathy Ziprik
    August 21, 2014

    So happy to see that you had a great experience with DaVinci Roofscapes! We’re excited to be a part of your Tiny House project. Let us know when the roof goes up and send us pictures … we want to promote this great project!

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