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Just Call Me Grace!

Our tiny house has been Graced! Well, Grace HT Ice & Water Shield graced anyway. 😛

Barn Raisers come with ice & water shields and roof felt (aka tar paper) per applied unless you opt for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company to install a metal roof for you, but since we aren’t using a metal roof we had to make a couple adjustments. We are using DaVinci Roofscapes Bellaforte Shake shingles, which require a drop edge, self-adhered membrane (the Grace), and minimum 30# roof felt before the shingles are applied. Since our house already had the latter 2 we just needed to add the drip edge. Then we realized that it would need to be sealed up like the install video shows, so we added the extra layer of Grace over it. Could our method be overkill? Yes, but better to err on the side of caution we thought, particularly since we will be moving at highway speeds and encountering all kinds of crazy weather along the way!

Now, before those with FAR better roofing skills than us worry – yes, we know you’re supposed to take that layer all the way up to the roof and overlap each piece over the one below to direct the rain, but fear not! There are already 2 properly overlapped layers under it, and once we talk to the DaVinci sales guy tomorrow we’ll see what he recommends about whether or not we need to add another felt layer up to the ride. Oh, and we really didn’t need to use the High Temp version of the Grace, but at one point we thought about using metal on the dormers as an accent, so I just went on and bought it for the extra $10/roll at Home Depot. I did have to order it for free delivery about a week later – they carry the regular stuff in the store just FYI.


Speaking of adding layers, the second 2-pic image shows a small area where it looks like the roofing felt that Tumbleweed installed didn’t overlap, so the membrane over the adhesive of the ice & water shield has dried out and started flaking off. That’s our best guess anyway, and to add some more protection there we ran a full piece of the Grace all the way across that side of the roof. We had enough overlap onto the front of the house that we decided to cover the Dutch hipped roof area completely with Grace. Waste not, want not!


We have just enough left over in case we find a skylight we can install before the shingles arrive, and we will ask the roofing guy about those tomorrow, too. It’s a kind of a weird space we have to work with if we don’t want to cut any roof joists (and we definitely do NOT), so finding a skylight that will easily fit into a space absolutely no larger than 22×30 is a bit of a chore. They make small 14-1/2″W ones, but they are usually 46″ long – no bueno! The search continues, and now we are taking a break.

P.S. Ladies, I suggest you wear a high collared t-shirt vs. the lower cut tank top I have on under my short-alls. I got green particles of the roofing tar paper all over my neck and chest, and snarky Brandy said, “I guess that’s the contractor equivalent of stripper glitter.”

Hardy har har. 😛

Next stop: house wrap!

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