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Rain, rain, don’t go away… but maybe not dump on our tiny house so much, yeah?!

After all the insane amount of (much needed and long overdue) rain we’ve been having in North Texas this year, we’ve noticed some weakening in the layers of roof underlayment that has really been exposed too long already. The house was completed in April, and it’s now essentially August. No bueno!! Since we are just now getting the measurements for the shingles in and will be waiting another month roughly for the custom tiles to arrive, we are going to do a speedy stop-gap measure tomorrow (provided it doesn’t rain more) by installing the drip edge and placing an extra layer of ice & water shield over it to help direct water off the roof felt better. Last thing we need is for the wood to start rotting or buckling underneath before we even get the chance to shingle it, though if it’s going to happen at all it would be better that it happens now vs. later. Still, the underlayment and the Zip board sheathing does have a limited lifespan for exposure, though they are significantly better than those of raw, exposed plywood or OSB of course.

We’re also going to go on and wrap the house over the Zip System boards for another layer of water protection. Same deal – we have to wait for the siding (and windows, too), so we don’t want the Zip tape to fail during the delay. I figured if anything we’d have dried, cracking tape from our usual dose of summer temperature insanity, but apparently El Niño has decided to grace us with cooler temps (yay!) and wetter days (double yay!) than we typically experience I this land of historically 90% humidity and triple digit temperatures. Great for us to work outside in; not so great for keeping a partially built house from succumbing to water damage. We had discussed doing both if these things (the roof and the housewrap) previously, but we dismissed the ideas thinking we’d have had the time and funds to knock out some real work on the tiny house by now. Cue the world’s smallest violins since the Big House managed to drain our bank accounts yet again in our quest to ready it to be rented. We even had to buy a new dishwasher to replace the 3yr old top-of- the-line one that crapped out! Bah! Just when you think you’re finally getting ahead… Yes, yes – first world problems to be sure, but no less frustrating!!

Slight changes in our building plan were also discussed as we took some window measurements just now (more on that in another post soon), and sticker shock has definitely set in. A heads up for those planning to use aluminum clad wood windows: be ready to shell out approx $400 each. Ouch! If we weren’t going to extensively travel with our house we would consider the reclaimed or even new vinyl options, but we don’t want to be stuck with costly issues later just to save a few bucks up front. In the immediate we will be ordering two 24x36RO double hung Jeld-Wen arctic silver windows (one for each side of the house) for cross ventilation, and I’ll get us the small awning window for the back wall of the loft, too, so we can vent hot air upward and outward. The double hung windows will also let us pop in a little window a/c unit when we’re working indoors, too.

So, the moral of the story is to NOT slack on getting your house properly water tight and enclosed, because sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans that most certainly do NOT take into account your need to delay construction for other pressing matters! Needless to say, the Tumbleweed workshop attendees will see a different Barn Raiser after all in a couple weekends, though still not as different or prepared as we really should have been by is point. I hate to say it, but perhaps obtaining a “Bank of Dad” loan to get all this stuff handled ASAP isn’t such a bad notion after all. :-/

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