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Well here’s something I never expected my husband to say…

“Now, don’t give me any crap for it, but I’m thinking about going raw vegan.”

That’s a phrase I certainly never thought I’d hear my husband say unless it was followed by a large dose of sarcasm or there was beer involved. Actually, there technically WAS beer involved in the conversation, but that wasn’t the reason he decided to grace me with this announcement. He told me he’s thinking of becoming a raw vegan because he thinks it’ll suit our life in the tiny house better. Well, that and he’s realized that some of his favorite body builders & power lifters are vegan. Somehow it makes everything seem more valid to him if his favorite meat(less)-heads give it their overly developed thumbs up. Whatevs…

Now bear in mind this is coming from the same man who could run his own “Man v Food: Carnivore Edition” and not batt an eyelash mind you. I’ve bounced back and forth with vegetarianism since I was old enough to realize the big hunks of pink stuff hanging from the hooks in my grandfather’s meat packing plant in Arkansas were once cute cuddly animals, but even >>I<< don’t think I could go full-on vegan – I like real organic whole cow’s milk and fresh eggs waaay too much. I have to say, though, I was definitely impressed with him. Of course he immediately followed up that conversation with a giant hamburger smothered in kimchi, but still – nice to hear he’s thinking about how our tiny house will affect our cooking and food storage spaces!

I actually bought us an apartment-sized fridge with a real, separate freezer at his insistence because he didn’t think it would be possible for us to live in the tiny house without proper refrigeration, but apparently he’s been researching raw food diets, specifically the vegan versions, and realized that without meat, cheese, or other dairy products to keep refrigerated there’s really not much need for a refrigerator at all. After all, fruits and veggies can sit out at room temperature for several days without issue, unlike typical grocery store eggs, his precious cheeses, or my beloved organic Greek yogurt. Yes, I can live without real milk and don’t mind the tetrapak shelf stable milks – dairy, nut, or coconut – but there’s just something about ice cold whole organic milk that makes my heart skip a beat. Seriously, I drink about a gallon a week on my own, and that’s a HUGE cutback from the near gallon in 2 days average I drank when I was younger. I almost exclusively drink milk and water, and if we’re out I might have a glass of unsweetened iced tea. I can’t imagine not having cold milk with every meal (for real!), though I wouldn’t miss meat, cheese, or even yogurt in the long run.

Still, I’m secretly happy he’s even contemplating a less meat-laden diet. He has a terrible habit of eating until he’s in pain (seriously), so I think having less heavy foods in his diet will relieve some of that issue. He’s very active and works out daily, which is why I haven’t worried about it too terribly much, but I’ve also seen him writhe in pain from overstuffing himself at a particularly delicious meal. He was pretty poor growing up (eldest of 5 kids in a family of 7), and since they rarely got to eat out and only went to buffets to maximize the opportunity, he developed the habit of shoveling as much food in his gullet as he could in one sitting since he never knew when his next opportunity to eat basically anything and as much as he wanted would come. Sadly, that’s carried over into adulthood to a degree, but maybe switching up his diet dramatically will reduce his need to stuff himself with meat and cheese and instead encourage him to graze on fruits and veggies. I know his digestive tract will thank him at least!

Anyway, he was also concerned about the moisture from cooking in the tiny house, the added electricity consumption related to the refrigerator, and the dramatically reduced amount of storage space in the kitchen as more specific reasons for considering raw veganism as it relates to tiny house living. I certainly don’t disagree with any of those points or our continued discussion about how animals are repeatedly mistreated in our farming/ranching society, even potentially with my beloved organically-crafted milks and other animal-related products, but I also know he has a habit of getting gung-ho about various diet/fitness regimes and then quits them unexpectedly after finding one shred of evidence to discredit his actions. As such, my suggestion to him was that we could at the very least reduce the size of the fridge, plan for additional dry storage space in the kitchen, and eat as close to a raw vegetarian if not outright vegan diet while living in the tiny house – but – we could eat out from time to time, too, and not limit ourselves to raw foods unless we really wanted to. In other words, leave our options open. I personally love fresh fruits and veggies and gravitate toward them as food choices anyway, but I’m afraid if he goes all-in vegan after being such a meativore for so long he might throw in the towel before giving it a real chance to work not just for our tiny life but for his health and well-being, too.

Baby (carrot) steps, my friends. 😉

Anyone else eat a raw food or raw vegan diet? What challenges have you faced with it, particularly in terms of maintaining proper protein levels without relying on tofu, beans, and nuts?




We saw a shirt very similar to this in Forks, WA on our anniversary trip in 2010, and that definitely summed up our very different views at the time! Image from http://www.imtees.com

One comment on “Well here’s something I never expected my husband to say…

  1. lizard100
    July 22, 2014

    We have stopped milk and yogurt this summer (which has cured my hay fever) and I’m not missing the dairy stuff. Good luck.

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