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“Ample aspirations of tiny house living.”

Hello friends and followers!

We were interviewed by a lovely Canadian author and songwriter, Cindy O’Neil, for a piece she did on the tiny house movement for a section of her blog called The Curious Consumer. Cindy herself considered the tiny life in a truck trailer or converted bus, but she has found contentment living a “low impact lifestyle.” She interviewed a few other tiny house dwellers and posted their contact info as well at the bottom of the post, so I encourage you to check them out, too. You may even recognize a certain inspiring little house called La Petite Maison built by none other than Miss Sicily Kolbeck, who finished her tiny house to honor her late father’s memory. Boy, can I relate to that drive and desire! ❤

Here’s a link to the blog post, which I have also added on our FB page:

Movin On Up – Ample aspirations of tiny house living by Cindy O’Neil

Even though we are still in the early stages of the finish-out of our Tumbleweed Amish Barn Raiser it has been an amazing process of discovery to read about other folks in the tiny house community far and wide who have finished their homes, are in the process, or are still just dreaming of the tiny life. We are honored to be part of that narrative now and will continue to keep everyone abreast of our own progress as it continues. We are almost done selling off the last of our possessions at our big house and will be living with my father while we finish our Barn Raiser build, so once my crazy month of working 24 of 30 days in June ends we’ll really be able to start making progress!

Check back soon for more updates on our build, but in the meantime please check out Cindy’s blog and those of the other tiny house dwellers she interviewed for her article. We had another e-mail interview in May that will be making the rounds sometime soon, so I’ll update you once it is completed.



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