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TinyHouse43 Interior Layout…. DONE!

I spent what little free time I’ve had over the last few days working up 10 different floor plan arrangements that will accommodate the specific features we want in our tiny house, and we’ve settled on this one:



It’s got quite a few differences from the original idea I had in my mind when we very first decided on the Cypress 24′ Amish Barn Raiser, and then it morphed again from the alternate design I created once we realized we would need to enter the loft from a more central position in order to not bang our heads on the gabled roofline at the end of the dormer section. Needless to say, the changes add quite a bit of additional storage, allow us to have the Kimberly gasifier wood stove we want without giving up too much walking space, and even gives us a his-and-hers type bathroom & closet setup. That last part is extra nice having been spoiled with 3 bathrooms in our house now. Hey, some things are just better left… unshared. 😉

My only complaint about this new layout is that it looks like a big hallway to me. Brandy doesn’t have the same concern about that as me, but I told him I don’t want the house to feel too much like a trailer. I want it to feel like an actual house, but he had a good point – sometimes practicality trumps aesthetics. This was the plan he chose out of the 10 I created, though I flip-flopped the location of the Kimberly stove to its current position because at the end of the kitchen bar it was going to be a tight squeeze between it and the edge of the little settee we have. This change also reduces the number of dramatic window position and size changes we’ll have to make, so that should help cut down on some extra expenses. I even decided to only partially enclose the porch since we do still want the foyer drop zone but will now have quite a bit more storage between the 2 closets and all the extra space under the now dedicated stairs (before they housed the fridge and sink, which hogged quite a bit of space). All in all, not a bad compromise!

Anyway, there’s a LOT to do before we start laying the groundwork for any of this stuff, but we will be making two more immediate changes. First, we’re going to cover the tar paper applied during building with Grace HT Ice & Water Shield allowed to drape over the edges of the roof sheathing to better protect the plywood underneath until we can get the actual roofing applied. Secondly, we’re going to wrap the house with some additional Tyvek-type product to give an extra layer of water resistance until we can actually start the build. The Grace shield should buy us about 3 to 4 more months before we have to add roofing, and the extra house wrap should extend the time before we have to put siding on by an extra month or two. We’re doing this because we’ve simply got to focus on getting our crap out of the big house and get it ready to sell, so we need to buy more time before we have to spend the money on the pricey stuff like windows, siding, and roofing for the tiny house.

So, what do you think of our layout choices? Any you would or wouldn’t want in your own house?

Anyway, back to my 1 of 5 total days off this month, which happens to be my birthday, too. 🙂 TTFN – ta ta for now!

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