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To speed up the siding install, or not…. hmm…

Okay, question for anyone who has ever built a structure with Zip boards and a second regarding roof installations.

1) How long is too long to delay installing siding (no matter what kind you used) over the Zip boards in terms of keeping the structure weather tight?

I had wanted to wait until we finalized where anything that will involve us cutting into the siding would go so we could plan the siding holes perfectly, but Brandy thinks we should get that up sooner rather than later. We also still have to relocate and resize 2 windows on one side of the house plus close in all or part of the porch for our mini foyer, so there’s some extra framing involved. His concern, though, is that the rain we’ve been having might damage the house and especially the roof since the edges of the plywood sheathing is exposed. That brings me to question #2.

2) Would you switch out an already installed tar paper “cover” for a Grace ice & water shield “cover” before installing your finished roofing materials over the plywood roof sheathing, why or why not?

At the very least I think we could switch the shielding out and install drip edging that will need to be installed anyway according to DaVinci install instructions for the roofing we chose. That should help better protect the roof sheathing at least I would think.

Anyway, if you have any experience with either of those scenarios we’d sure appreciate the advice! Thanks in advance! 🙂

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