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Resolving The Interior Layout Conundrum

If you’re following us on Facebook you’ll know I had a bit of a panic moment the other day when I realized the placement of the end of the dormers in line with the loft was going to force me to rethink the whole plan for the stairs we want to build. I had always envisioned stairs going up the back wall (which is a shared wall with the bathroom) from left to right so we’d enter the loft on the far right side and have plenty of headroom because of the increased ceiling height where the dormers were added. It didn’t even cross my mind that the dormer stopping point might be in line with the end of the loft (which actually makes perfect structural sense), so it also didn’t occur to me to mention that we were counting on the dormers reaching over the end of the loft to leave space to “walk into” as we climbed the stairs.

See how the A-frame section of gabled roof dips down directly above the edge of the loft? That’s precisely where we’d intended to have the stairs end, so we’d be walking up into that drop. No bueno.


This is a reeeeeally hastily drawn sketch I showed Brandy when I was trying to figure out how to describe the storage stairs thing to him. He’s the artist of the family, but I have trouble translating the ideas in my head to words – plus, I can’t draw for crap! Anyway, he got the idea. Do you?


I ended up spending about a half-hour in the loft sweating in the 90+ degree Texas May while trying to envision another way to still have stairs that are also storage and a space for the fridge and kitchen sink. I don’t like the idea of creating an even longer hallway with the idea I came up with, but I’m fairly certain it won’t feel too closed in with white walls, the addition of 2 skylights, and a cool built-in gallery wall I’ve got in mind going up the side of the steps that would face into the newly elongated hall. Thankfully the stairs will only occupy about 4ft of floor space and not be nearly as tall as traditional stairs leading up to a second floor of a house, so that should also help reduce the closed in feeling.


I don’t think our original idea is completely out the window, though, but its usability will depend completely on how well I can adapt it to a much shorter, steeper rise than originally planned. Still, I think the with adjustments I have in mind (sorry that I’m not very good at describing them and even less capable of drawing them out where anyone other than I could decipher them), I can live with the amended plan. It will involve additional structural changes to 2 windows (at least) in addition to our existing plan to enclose the porch to make a foyer (though we’re now kicking around the idea of leaving a foot or so open to at least recess the door from the back of the house before adding a drop-down porch), and the 2 new skylights will add an extra layer of challenge. Still, I think the changes will definitely make the house “ours” rather than just another homemade rehash of the original Tumbleweed plans – not that there’s anything wrong with that at all! 🙂

Anyway, I promise it makes sense in my head at least! I’ve always loved drawing out floor plans, but I can’t translate them to a 3-D image to save my life. Thankfully both my dad and Brandy are skilled carpenters and artists in their own right (plus, the speak “Maighen” fluently), so I’m positive I can explain myself well enough to them to get the point across.


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