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We had a bit of a scare that we might not be able to head back today because of the snow storms that rolled through CO this weekend, but we had an even bigger pucker factor when we found out the Fisher brothers from Tumbleweed (they put the Amish in “Amish Barn Raiser” having been raised as such) were trapped in Wyoming (or maybe Wisconsin…. can’t recall which) as a result of the same storms, leaving us without helpers to make sure we hooked everything up correctly. Ack! A call to Tumbleweed resulted in a step-by-step phone conversation and a call to the cavalry by the Fisher brothers, who sent a coworker who has helped build many of the tiny houses for Tumbleweed. With his help we got all hooked up and ready to start the trek back to Texas!

Brandy doing a final walk around before we pull out from the shed yard. See the Linden peeking out from behind our Cypress?


Here’s the little sign I painted for the back of the house. Hopefully we’ll get a few pics from our return trip! 🙂


We made a quick Lowe’s stop to get some zip ties, and I put the magnets back on the truck. Pretty snazzy!


We’ve stopped for quick lunch break, but we will be back on the road shortly and hope to stop in Amarillo tonight. We’ll see since we’re getting a later start than we’d originally planned. Onward we go!! 🙂

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