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We made it, though not completely unscathed… :(

Grr! I managed to give the new truck it’s first scratch and dent all in one swell foop at a tiny gas station in Amarillo whose other patrons are in desperate need of diesel and general gas station etiquette IMHO.


Upon discovering the only diesel pump was occupied on the side I could pull straight into by someone NOT getting diesel, I decided to pull around past the store to the opposite side of that single diesel pump. Unfortunately, I discovered the path blocked by a woman in a PT Cruiser pulled out so far her bumper wasn’t even in line with the pumps and a second car parked against the curb in front of the building where there is a red fire lane. Trust me when I tell you the car was NOT a fire truck. :/

Anyway, long story short, I backed up with the intent of swinging back around to just get behind the chick hogging the diesel pump. When I went to cut between 2 pumps instead of backing all the way out to the entrance path because of another truck that had pulled in, I clipped the edge of the low concrete block thing set there to prevent cars from hitting the pumps themselves. It did its job there, but it put a size able scratch and a small dent in the driver side rear wheel well. Grr!

Thankfully it’s not a really noticeable spot, and frankly I don’t think I could repeat that damage if I tried because of the perfect storm of tire angle vs. pylon height it took to create. Brandy had a good point though: I got the first ding out of the way and, unlike his recent misadventure while driving, I didn’t hit anyone else or total it. Of course I’m still pissed at myself for letting my frustration with inconsiderate people get the better of me (I didn’t look around nearly well enough because I was too busy griping at them from the security of my locked truck lol), but I know if I had tried to squeeze between the two cars (like the truck who came in after me that I was trying to avoid by cutting between two pumps naturally) I would have hit one of them instead of the pylon.

This incident, if nothing else, was a great example of being the lesser of two evils when it comes to who or what got dinged. I’m just pissed I didn’t do what I really wanted to do, which was to ask the two space hogs to shove off and quit blocking the already narrow path in front if the store. Instead, I apparently decided subconsciously to beat up a poor innocent concrete pylon. Meh. It could have been worse!

Anyway, we made it to Denver without any other issues, so now I’m waiting on a movie to finish downloading for the boy to watch, and then I’m crashing out the same as them. We plan to spend the day in Boulder, but we will drive back to Colorado Springs to spend the night and be ready to pick up our barn raiser Monday!! Can’t wait!!



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