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A Towing Q&A I’ve Been Having On ramforum.com

Granted this info is specific to Dodge Ram trucks for the most part, I thought I’d share the links to two different conversations I’ve had with the super-helpful guys on ramforum.com over the last few months. I’m a firm believer that actual product users are the real experts when it comes to how any given product or service performs, so I tend to pick the brains of current owners of whatever major-purchase product I’m interested in learning more about before coughing up the cash or credit for something. I did that with my first Apple purchase and couldn’t be happier with a refurbished previous generation iMac vs. the really slick but slightly less user and definitely less pocketbook friendly new iMac. As such, I thought it would definitely behoove me to talk to truck owners before deciding on exactly which truck to buy and what we need to know before we actually tow anything with it.

After researching Ford, Toyota, Chevy/GMC, Nissan, and Dodge trucks thoroughly on the manufacturer websites and on owner message boards, we concluded the Dodge Ram was what we would ultimately purchase for our tiny house adventures. The first link is to my initial inquiries on the Ram forum about just what version of the Ram we would need:

Shopping/Towing Advice For Truck Buying

After we decided not to wait until next year to buy the Ram 3500 we were recommended to purchase, I decided to ask the great guys on the forum for more towing help, too. They really have helped us prepare for this weekend’s trip to CO to pick up the Barn Raiser, and I think the info would benefit anyone wanting to know safe towing practices. Here ya go!

“Diesel for Dummies: Towing Edition”


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