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Decidedly NOT the way I wanted this weekend to start considering this was supposed to be my to/from work vehicle and we now have to keep my Flex which, unlike my late mother’s now late 4-Runner, is not paid in full. Brandy was driving and is fine, but the vehicle he didn’t see behind the Semi & another car who were letting him make a left turn across a very busy (and dangerous) highway is also totaled. That driver is also fine thankfully, but the fault is Brandy’s.

I, on the other hand, am most definitely NOT fine. I know it seems totally stupid to say this, but seeing the truck like this made me feel like it was October 22nd all over again. I found a pair of my mom’s sunglasses in the back seat pocket and just lost it. I’m grateful as hell that both drivers aren’t hurt considering how many fatalities our little highway has had in the five years we’ve lived off it, but it was an absolute kick in the gut when I saw the damage and realized yet another piece of my memory of Momma is gone forever.

There is a slight silver lining to this story, though. When we went to the impound lot to get R.A.D’s extra car seat out the guys running the place were super crazy nice and started showing R.A.D all the cool big trucks they use to haul cars with. They were also admiring The Beast, and when I mentioned we got it to haul our tiny house the “old man” said they had a roof-damaged 5th wheel out back with perfectly intact interior fixtures that we could buy “for cheap.” I was still pretty overwhelmed with the loss of the 4-Runner at the time, but I took a card and told them once we got back from CO we would definitely like to come check out what they had.

I most definitely do NOT believe in fate or divine intervention, but I do have to say I’m glad that they happened to be the folks who towed the 4-Runner today. Perhaps we just made a great connection for appliances and other fixtures for our tiny house, and R.A.D certainly had a blast playing with their dogs and checking out their wreckers. It was nice to have had such kind people help during such a crappy event. 🙂

Anyway, just needed to vent. Now I have to REALLY hope the house sells quickly considering we will now have $1700/mo in car payments between the two vehicles. And just when things were FINALLY looking up….. Argh!

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This entry was posted on May 8, 2014 by in Randomness.

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