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May Day mayday mayday!

I took a huge leap of faith yesterday and turned in my resignation for both my titled positions and my full-time status at my primary employer yesterday with the intent of going PRN (as-needed) with them. I have a second employer where I already work PRN, so between the two I should still have no issue getting full-time hours in each week. This move will also greatly increase the likelihood of me actually having whole, uninterrupted days off AND actual stretches of 2 or more days off in a row. All of these things are important for the sake of our tiny house build as it would be damn near a miracle for the house to ever get built with my work schedule as it is now and Brandy trying to attend classes full-time. He’s also going to take the summer off for the build rather than load up on a couple classes here and there, so we better take full advantage of the lightened work/school loads.

The mayday, though, is about the fact that I’ve still got to figure out how to get the house back home. It’s looking more and more like coughing up the $1000 to have it delivered would have been the better choice since we will now have to pay about half that for the UHaul truck alone, and that’s NOT counting gas. When I pictured taking Dad’s truck to CO we’d have saved about $600-700 of the delivery fee, but now – yeah, not so much. Still, I. NEED. A. ROADTRIP. They have always been an amazing form of therapy for me throughout my life, which is probably why the idea of traveling the country has appealed to me for so long. Brandy doesn’t have quite as happy memories of childhood road trips as I do, but he is definitely on board with our travel plans. In fact, I think the part that makes it so appealing to him (and to me, too) is that now we’ll be experiencing places we went to as children in a whole new light and have the added bonus of sharing the explorations with R.A.D for the first time. He’s really too little to have a full appreciation for all this adventure, but I’m even more camera happy than my dad was when I was little (primarily because digital images are free, and I’m not limited to 24 frames per film roll!) and will document the journey well. I still have fun looking through all our trip albums from when I was a kid, so hopefully Mr. Sir will share my appreciation of photo-journaling.

I haven’t given up on the idea of us buying our big honkin’ diesel truck early (as in, like, tomorrow lol), but I’m not holding my breath either. One downside of the job change is the lack of 20+ hrs of overtime on each paycheck, but frankly there’s no amount of money I could be paid to keep me running non-stop like I have been for the last several months. My sanity is worth more to me than any paycheck could ever be, so we’ll make it all work. Once the house is off the books, though, we’ll have freed up about $3k/mo in bills alone. Fewer bills = fewer work days for me… whoo hoo! Now we just have to get the damn thing sold already! Yeesh!

I asked for May 9th to be my final FT day (which, coincidentally, was the same date I was hired 3 years ago), and we’ll likely hit the road the very next morning. We have to at least stay put through the 7th for Brandy’s finals, but after that we’re free and clear for three+ weeks. We can make it there in one long day of driving, but I want to give it at least 2 days for the return trip. It would be nice to have time to drive up into Denver and Boulder, too, so we’ll have to work on all that. The downside is that the more time we’re there the more $$ we have to spend on accommodations, and all that will cut into the build budget. I try not to stress on all that too much, though, because I know once the house is gone we’ll have a significant bump in the amount of money available to build with, but then I have always been bad about putting the horse before the cart. Getting our truck now may be doing just that, but that horse is a necessity for our future travel plans anyway. No reason we can’t start learning to ride it now! 🙂


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