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In Memory of My Mom(s) + A Quick Test Drive

Today would have been my mom’s 72nd birthday. I miss her so much it hurts to breathe sometimes, and I’m in desperate need of her guidance as we navigate the adventure of leaving our big house and overcrowded lifestyle for lighter living in our tiny home. It’s only been 5 months since cancer ripped her from my arms, and it certainly hasn’t been easy without her.

R.A.D misses her, too, and he still asks for his “na-NAH” regularly. She called him her French baby for the way he put extra emphasis on the latter “na” of Nana, and we still enjoy the trickle down effect of that pronunciation in that we are “ma-MAH” and “da-DAH” respectively. He had such a close bond with his Nana that I’m hoping against hope that will allow him to genuinely remember her despite having just turned 2 only three days before she passed. I’m so grateful I took so many pictures of them together, and I watch a couple videos of the two of them together regularly so I never forget her sweet Southern lilt.

I am beyond grateful to have had her as a mother, and the fates saw to it to bring her and my amazing father to me when my biological mother gave me the greatest gift a child could ever receive: the chance for the best life possible. My biological mother also passed away last year in August just two days after I met her for the first and last time, but that day will live in my heart forever. I never got to say the words “I’m your daughter” to her, but the look of recognition and the smile on her face will stay with me forever.

I was blessed with two amazing women, my Momma who raised me and my mother who gave me life, who each loved me and cared for me in their own ways. It is in honor of them both that I, that WE push onward in our journey toward a downsized life with supersized freedom, and we thank you all for following us on our adventure!

We spent the afternoon driving up to Wichita Falls to check on some bridge heights that had me worried when I reviewed the TXDoT website listings of vertical clearances across the state. There appeared to be several bridges we might encounter on our way home from CO that were 13’6″ and lower, and since the website is kinda vague we thought we’d pop up there to check on them. Turns out the low areas are on some bridges just North of Wichita Falls near Iowa Park that have decorative (though likely still structural) curves on the undersides of the bridges. The centers where the actual traffic lanes pass underneath were all 14′ or higher, but the edges of the curves over the road shoulders dropped into the 13′-range. So, no driving on the shoulder through that part of Hwy 287!

We ended the day with a pit stop at a Dairy Queen where I shared a chocolate dipped cone with R.A.D in my mom’s honor while wearing an old plaid shirt of hers. That was one of the last things she requested while she was still able to eat and had been a favorite of us both on the hundreds of road trips we took together over my thirty-three years, so I plan to find either a Dairy Queen or some other place that serves chocolate dipped vanilla soft serve ice cream and have one on her birthday each year in remembrance. You can tell from the photo that R.A.D is totally down with that plan! hehe ❤


We’re also investigating buying our RAM 3500 truck with the AISIN transmission now rather than next year sometime simply because it would make picking up the ABR and then moving as desired WHEN desired soooo much easier, but since I’m being ridiculously picky about what we buy (hey, it’s not just any truck here – it’s the heart of our home since without it we can’t move!) we’ll likely still be using the UHaul method to at least bring it to Texas to finish the build. We volunteered to take the house to the Dallas Tumbleweed Workshop in August, too, so maybe we can find what we want by then. I’ll keep you posted, but for now I need to start pricing Priuses and UHaul trucks since we’d like to save money on gas and wear & tear on my Flex with a rental Prius and will be paying a fortune in gas for the UHaul. T-Minus roughly 2 weeks until pickup day!!! 🙂

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