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Texas-sized to Tiny House: A Visual Comparison

Since we are getting closer and closer to the date we leave to go pick up our new Tumbleweed Amish Barn Raiser from Colorado, I’ve been thinking more and more about what we will be leaving behind when we sell our current house and dramatically downsize for our new a Tiny Life. Seeing the difference in the square footage numbers alone doesn’t really impart a mental image worthy of expressing the full gravity of the change we are about to make, so to help others (and myself) truly grasp the change ahead I am posting our current house’s floor plan followed by the a Tumbleweed a Cypress Horizon 24′ plan we are using as a guideline for our own house.

I wish they were scaled to one another, because that would give the very best comparison ever. Still, this dramatic differences are hard to miss! Here ya go….

Our current house in Texas.


And the following is borrowed from and courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s website.


I’ll have to measure our master bedroom and post those numbers on our floor plan for comparison, or maybe I’ll superimpose a red rectangle that represents the tiny house on top of the big house plan. That ought to make it all sink in for sure!!

“Oh these times, they are a changin’….” -Bob Dylan

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