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*ding!* Fries are up!

So, how perfect is this. I’m on page 143 the Kindle version of Dee Williams’ new book, The Big Tiny, that I just bought about 3hrs ago thoroughly immersed and absolutely laughing my ass off at the way she describes things when the unexpected happened…. A little popup notification appeared in the right upper corner of the screen stating, “Your house is ready.” OMFG!!!! THE AMISH BARN RAISER IS DONE – ALREADY!!!! Then I heard my phone buzz, and there was a voicemail from Steve Weissmann, the president of Tumbleweed, letting me know our house is ready to be picked up in Colorado Springs. HOLY EFFING CRAP! WHOOOOOHOOOO!!!


We weren’t expecting it until late May, so I guess we need to light the fire under our butts to go create a parking pad on my dad’s property so we can go get it. Omigod omigod omigod, so freaking excited! Brandy is laughing at me, though, saying, “It’s not like you drive up to order a cheeseburger and are then surprised when you get to the window that, hey, you’re cheeseburger is ready,” but I told him to stuff it and let me revel in the knowledge that it’s really, really happening and much sooner than we thought. SO. FRIGGIN. AWESOME! And admittedly a little terrifying, too, but I’m pretty sure the knots now in my stomach are the happy, good kind and not the holy-shit-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into kind. I guess only time will tell!

Now, go buy Dee’s book – you’ll devour it as quickly as I have and likely laugh your ass off, too. I’m still chortling about her description of why her brother became a Methodist minister, because it:

“…complemented his ability to witness people do dumb shit and then help them pick up the pieces.”

Williams, Dee (2014-04-22). The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir (p. 82). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.


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