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While attempting to find 1item in Lowe’s (never an easy task, I assure you) today on my way home from work, I met a nice guy from the plumbing department who was quite interested in our tiny house project after I told him I wanted to do a quick price check on Pex while I was there. In the process of a 20-ish minute conversation I found out that….

1) they don’t carry the NextStone faux slate panels I wanted to check out in the store (have a thought for a small stone accent area on the front of the house), but I can cough up the $200+/- and have it shipped to the store and then return it immediately if it isn’t what I want…

2) drain pipe should be a minimum of 1.5″ diameter because anything smaller can get clogged with soap scum too quickly and require frequent cleaning, and Pex only comes in 1″ max (and fittings are apparently hard to find)…

3) we should really have a 2.5gal hot water tank that runs on electric in addition to the on-demand propane water heater I’m (begrudgingly) planning to purchase if we actually want the “hybrid” system I mentioned (as in having the option for power or propane since I’m not a fan of the latter) AND truly instant hot water…

4) we should consider finding the “wind diverters” that 18-wheelers have on them (can’t remember the specific name he called them) to install on the wind-facing edge of where we would install our solar panels on the roof (should we actually be brave/stupid enough to do so) to help deflect the wind and debris up and over the panels since they’ve been tested by thousands of semis on the road already and should be a good solution to how to prevent solar panels from being ripped off by the extreme force of the wind the houses encounter traveling down the road at highway speeds.

Well color me edgumkaydud! 😛

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