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It’s Official!


I took a screenshot of my phone when I opened the PDF showing that…..

our Tumbleweed Amish Barn Raiser is officially in production!:)

It should be ready around the end of May, and I’ve received the “go ahead”Β to take essentially the entire month of May off from both of my jobs so we can FINALLY get all our crap moved out of the big house and get it ready to sell. Once that’s done we’ll drive up to Colorado Springs to pick up the TH and then haul it back to my dad’s house for the build. Then it’ll be off to Colorado for a while before really taking the house for a spin around the US and Canada.



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Y'all should know by now that I rarely if ever stage a photo of our #tinyhouse because I feel like showing you our reality of living tiny is more genuine, BUT... since we aren't in the #THOW full-time right now I hope you'll forgive me just this once. πŸ˜‰ First, I just wanted an excuse to show you the fun little inexpensive, washable runner rug I bought to help cut down on the dirt pile up that inevitably happens faster in such a small place. Secondly, I had a really good reason to take some new photos that I'll share once the project is completed. It had me laying on the floor getting a whooooole new perspective on the bathrooms, I'll just say that. lol 😜

#tinyhousediy #tinyhouselife #tinyhouseinterior #tinyhousedecor #tinyhouselivingroom #tinyhousetribe #tinyhousefamily #tinyhouseremodel #tinyhousebuild Yay!!! My favorite gambrel roofed #THOW fam, #RunawayShanty, has joined Instagram!! Now you can follow their posts of their #tinyhouse as they finish it up! They started their build around the same time as us, overcame some challenges along the way, and are now rocking out on their progress! This was the first #gambrelroof #tinyhouseonwheels I had ever seen, and it's still my favorite. And their interior choices??! To. Die. For. Check them out!!! πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸ’œ ~Meg

#tinyhome #tinyhousetravel #shanty #travelingtinyhouse #gambrel #diytinyhouse #tinyhousediy #tinyhousetribe #tinyhousenation When the kid is stalling before nap time by eating veeeeeeeeery, veeeeeeeeery slowly. Upside down. On his back. Halfway under the table. 😳 /smh Since we had no #tinyhouse parking rent to pay this month, I paid off a credit card instead. Lots more to do, but it feels good to take one small step forward in the #debtfree path after six months of going backwards while we were in Colorado. #babysteps #debtreduction #backontrackbitbybit Here's one last pic in honor of my mom that also happens to be a #tbt circa 2003. This was when I lived in Las Vegas working as a paramedic and my parents came for a visit. This was also when my plans to travel the country in an Airstream really started to take root (I had the model I wanted picked out and everything - an International CCD 25-footer), and that plan has now combined with my hubby's childhood dream of building his own home with his own hands. Had I not moved back to TX from that brief stint in Vegas I wouldn't have the family I have today, so even though our Colorado move also ended earlier than planned, I remind myself that coming back from Vegas yielded many, many good things. Onward and upward, but always with an eye on the lessons of the past! Happy Thursday! πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ’™ #throwbackthursday #tinyhouseinspiration #tinyhouse #travelingtinyhouse #bestmomever #learnfromthepastforabetterfuture Here's this year's 🍦 DQ 🍦tribute to my late mother, whose death in 2013 inspired us to quit putting off our plans to move to WA since life is far too short and further inspired us to donate the majority of our excess to a local women's shelter as she started doing toward the end of her life. Her last meals included all her favorite treats, and the chocolate dipped cone was one we used to get on our many road trips as I was growing up. This is our third year enjoying one in her honor, and while we expected to be Colorado for this year's remembrance, we're glad this year included dinner with my Dad and a fun cake R.A.D helped decorate as well. πŸŽ‚ We even sang "Happy Birthday" to her, and I changed the last line to "...and we all miss you, too." Love you, Momma!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #tinyhouseinspiration #bestmomever #bestnanaever #DQ #dairyqueen



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