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It’s Official!


I took a screenshot of my phone when I opened the PDF showing that…..

our Tumbleweed Amish Barn Raiser is officially in production! :)

It should be ready around the end of May, and I’ve received the “go ahead”Β to take essentially the entire month of May off from both of my jobs so we can FINALLY get all our crap moved out of the big house and get it ready to sell. Once that’s done we’ll drive up to Colorado Springs to pick up the TH and then haul it back to my dad’s house for the build. Then it’ll be off to Colorado for a while before really taking the house for a spin around the US and Canada.



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There's a reason I don't go into #wholefoods when I just need one or two things: I ALWAYS end up with way more than planned. This trip, for instance, was only supposed to involve the smoothie and the protein shake since I just had dental work and couldn't take the tummy rumbling any more. Needless to say, $85 later I'm the proud owner of an #africanbasket, 4 white peaches (my fave!), a bar of peppermint #drbronnerscastilesoap for Brandy to try, a paper tray of macaroni salad/tuna salad/cauliflower gratin/hatch chili mac-n-cheese, a pint of double dark chocolate gelato, #awesomemixvol1 from #guardiansofthegalaxy on CD (because it really IS an awesome mix), and a French baguette (what R.A.D affectionately calls "hard bwead"). I'll be well fed jamming to some sweet tunes while admiring my new #crochet basket that coordinates with the #tinyhouse color scheme and cringing at how empty my wallet suddenly is. #wholepaycheck #firstworldproblems #atleastitsgoodforme #isweariwouldntnormallyblowmoneylikethat #thelidocainemademedoit #istillcantfeelmyface #carboverload #buyersremorse #fullbelly#healthyeating #organicisdeliciouslyexpensive #dentistssuckbuttheymakemyteethpretty #icanttastethisfoodanyway #novocaineformysoul The front nook is almost done!! #tinyhousebuild #tinyhousediy #thow #tinyhouse #reclaimedwood #recycledlumber Yay! Brandy got the first run of #PEX installed while I slept for work today. He also did a bit more work on the platform for the fridge. Tomorrow after I get home from work I'll be finishing the prep on the #reclaimedtin ceiling panels for the loft, and hopefully we can get them mounted soon, too. πŸ‘πŸ» #tinyhouse #thow #tinyhousediy #tinyhousebuild Today ended up being a planning and shopping day more than anything, but the guys did at least get the holes drilled for the PEX to reach the water heater on the trailer tongue shed AND made this super sturdy base for the fridge to sit on over the water tank. My MIL and I bought crown moulding for the ceiling and even more plumbing parts plus machine screws for the special project my dad is working on for R.A.D. Though not much physical labor was performed, at least good planning occurred that will allow for a smoother workday tomorrow morning before I crash for my stretch of three night shifts. Progress, however small, however painful! #tinyhousediy #tinyhouseliving #thow #giterdone #movingrightalong #PEX #tinyhouse Put the switch covers on - much better! The outlets are actually going to be built into the drop-down desk I build, but since dumb me bought white outlets instead on the incognito brown ones I figured a brown plate would at least blend a little better for now. C'est la vie! #tinyhouseelectrical #thow #tinyhouseliving #tinyhousediy If you want an idea of how much space our hall will have, look between the white birch pole on the left and our 40gal fresh water tank on the right. It'll be just a bit narrower than that once the bath walls are up (the tank is 23" wide in this pic, but the wet bath will be 30" wide), but you get the idea. Never wanted a hallway in such a small space, but believe it or not we've used the square footage well enough to get two closets, a utility closet, a dry bath, a wet bath, and our son's room all in a 7'W x 8'L space under the loft! πŸ˜„ #theydontcallthemtinyhousesfornothing #tinyhouse #tinyhousediy #thow #tinyhouseplumbing #tinyhouseliving #tinyhousefamily



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