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Reaffirmation of Goals

I’ve been working so many oddball hours lately that I really haven’t had much time to myself (at my 2nd job even now, actually, which is why I have just a brief moment now), and with my stupid back still jacked up from a week ago I haven’t exactly been the most productive person of late. Well, technically I’ve been quite productive clocking in over 95hrs of work at one job in the last two weeks (12-3am, 8a-9p, 7p-7a, etc etc), but the sporadic nature has left me exhausted and weak, frankly, since I have yet to properly rest my back longer than a night’s sleep. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever had any kind of injury, big or small (and I’ve had no truly “big” ones as far as I’m concerned any way), that has ever lasted more than a day or two. I’ve never even broken a bone, and with all the sports I played and young horses I got tossed off of back when I trained for hunter/jumper it’s amazing to me I never got so much as a sprained ankle. I’m not good at being injured; I don’t know how to stop and rest apparently.

Okay, wait – I take it all back. I DID have one injury that kept me laid up for about a week. Summer of 1996 I got horrible, excruciatingly painful shin splints at band camp (yes, I was a band geek, but I was in the colorguard since I played bassoon) after running up and down 6 flights of stairs because my roommate and I overslept and then forgot our cafeteria passes (couldn’t eat without them!), then marching all day, then winning a drill-down contest (really fast intense pattern marching with lots of quick turns and pivots), and then marching more in the evening. I went to stand up after being stationary for about 2 hours at dinner, and my legs instantly felt like molten lava was streaming through my veins and someone was playing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” using my tendons and ligaments as their fiddle strings. I can’t recall if the scream in my head ever came out of my mouth that day, but I do know I collapsed and couldn’t put any weight on my legs for 2 days afterward without feeling those same pains, though less intensely, all over again. Needless to say, I left band camp a day early and didn’t return to regular walking for about 5 days without the help of crutches.

I don’t know how I could have forgotten that incident considering it ended my colorguard “career” and led me to despise high school just that much more. Well, there were other factors at play, namely the band director confused me with a girl who had graduated the year before who apparently did a lot of “crying wolf” and not showing up to practice. When I had ONE legitimate reason to miss practice he assumed I was full of it and convinced my colorguard instructor that I was lying about it all, and that combined with my parents forgetting to call the school with my doctor’s excuse to be off for 1wk+ cemented in their mind that I was this other girl when, in fact, I had missed exactly 1 football game in 3 years when I was in Chicago with the show choir I was also a member of. Can you tell is still bothers me after all these years? Yeah, that was a glowing example of how I didn’t have any clue how to stand up for myself even though I knew every one of the accusations was absolutely, positively false. Anyway, I digress…

So, the reason I titled this post “Reaffirmation of Goals” is because life (well, work really) has been getting in the way of us moving forward on getting our house cleared out and our stuff sold off so we can move in with my dad. We’d planned to be out of the house by the end of February, then March, and well…. now it looks like the end of May is our new goal. I’ve essentially had to give the ultimatum that I will be taking off essentially the entire month of May for moving since Brandon will be out of school 5/8 and the next new facility my boss has to help with opens its doors on the fifth, and we MUST get our house taken care of. We’re just both so dang busy that what little free time we have we’d much rather spend relaxing and playing with RAD than packing or yard sale-ing (yes, it’s a word because I said so dangit. lol). This is my feeble attempt to redirect and refocus our drive toward the ultimate goal:selling our house and building our tiny house for our primary residence.

The end of May also happens to coincide with when our Amish Barn Raiser will be completed, so we’re hoping to combine all that needs to be done into that one chunk of time off so we can move out, pick up the tiny house frame from CO, and really spend the time to finish up the housekeeping items at the current house. It’s really not that much stuff to do, but when you’re working 50+hrs per week, your hubby is in 4 essay-heavy courses, and you’re also trying to wrangle a 2yr old, “not that much” is a relative term. We’ve also got to coordinate with my dad to start moving some furniture around or out all together at his house to make room for our stuff. That, too, isn’t a big deal really, but the aforementioned distractions make that molehill a mountain, too.


So, to recap, here are the goals for the next several months:

1) Continue to cull excess items at the big house into sell, donate, toss and keep piles, then actually haul the crap to the donation or refuse centers. Goal is 4 bags/week minimum to donate and drop off Saturdays.

2) Plan to have a BIG yard sale 4/12 at the neighborhood sale and arrange smaller ones ourselves as needed. Consider Craigslist for specific bigger items. Suck it up and be ready for 0700 yard sales since our noon ones have been a bust thus far.

3) While clearing out the big house make a working list of areas that need attention and ACTUALLY FIX THEM. Most of these are already known, so DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM!

4) Make plans with Dad for furniture at his house – keep, sell, donate? Start clearing space for our stuff but LIMIT our stuff dramatically to decrease need for emptying Dad’s house.

5) Mark and layout the temporary parking pad for the tiny house at Dad’s place. Will need to level the ground and set pavers in to make solid work surface for building. Consider making a mini shed to house building materials.

6) Set aside 1 day per week to do absolutely nothing related to work or school or house stuff just to stay sane. Turn off phones, ignore email, put school on hold, and disconnect from everything else (maybe not the DVD player, since we love movies so much). Spend the entire day with RAD away from home, even if it’s just at the park down the street. While he’s napping, spend time together with the same stipulations but at home somewhere since we can’t leave the boy alone of course.


Some “runner-up” goals that do need attention, but not quite as immediately:

7) Set aside any extra funds into building fund for tiny house and use them to procure tools and materials. Need to wait for TH to be ready before purchasing items like siding and roofing.

8) Start researching dimensions of products/electrical/plumbing items wanted for tiny house and any connections needed for them. Research electricians and plumbers in the area for references; figure out what we can/can’t do on our own.

9) Purchase bigger items (toilet, sink(s), tub, etc) to have ready when TH is ready to pick up so the floorplan can be easily set around them.

10) Scour the interwebs for free materials and start collecting them in the mini shed.

11) Consider contacting supply companies for sponsorship items – find that article on how to do so and go for it!


There are many, many more things to focus on, but the first 6 really need to be emphasized and harped on if we’re ever going to get this process really going. I’ve discovered that I’m great at planning but not so great at follow-through when it comes to bigger projects (though things do eventually get done, just rarely in the time I’d hoped), but I’m making that point as a reminder to myself to actually get going. We both freely admit that we’re lazy when it comes to packing and moving, and withe everything else going on it has been incredibly easy to say continually put it off. If it takes me blogging every day about precisely what we did toward our goals for that day then I will, but I’m hoping it won’t come to that! 🙂

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