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Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere…

We sing that song with our son after each meal (the ONLY good thing that came out of the purple bloated horror that was “Barney”), and it applies to our big house project, too. Unfortunately I think our toddler cleaning skills are far superior to those involved in house cleaning/decluttering.

I HATE all the disruption and disorder moving creates, but I know it’s a must-do sooner rather than later thing if we ever hope to be out of our house. I just have a big, bad case of the “don’t wannas.” I’ve found that the great downsizing e-course I’m taking through Comet Camper has at least helped me make tons of plans for how to downsize, but, as usual, the follow through is the issue. That’s a “me” thing (really, an “us” thing since Brandy is just as much a slacker as me), though, and definitely NOT a reflection on the class. It’s been hella helpful to chat with about 3 dozen other folks all in the same boat as us (trying to drastically cull their stuff one trash bag at a time), and the tips Mariah provides are incredibly insightful. I’ve just been so swamped at work (and am at job #2 right now as a matter of fact!) and Brandy has been so loaded down with school work that we can’t seem to get as much momentum as I’d like to in the clearing out phase.

I did run around yesterday taking photos of various unopened items around the house and got about a dozen items listed on a local FB “yard sale” site for a mini yard sale we’re going to have on the 16th. I also took crappy iphone pics of a few larger items we can easily part with (the 3 TVs we don’t use, our kitchen table, my bass guitar that has collected about a quarter inch of dust on it), and we’re going to try to dig up more items to get rid of between now and then, too.I also started a few more bags of donation clothes for our local women’s shelter, and while Brandy doesn’t have as many clothes as me (duh!), he still has a bunch of crap he doesn’t wear or need any more to sift through. I’ve also got a coworker swinging by the house to look at our sectional today, and as soon as she sells her smaller couch she’ll take it. I’m really going to miss it, though, because I eyeballed it for over a year before we finally purchased it while I was pregnant and insanely uncomfortable on our old sofa. We still owe money on it, though, so at least this will pay it off AND get it out of the house.

On the tiny house front, my dad did get our tiny house build cleared with the town architectural review committee, so we won’t have any problems building our house on his property so long as we don’t live in it. My dad used to be on the ARC, but from what I read in their email exchange it wouldn’t have been a big deal even if Dad hadn’t asked. I’m not surprised about the “no living in it” type rule since that seems to be a common issue for all tiny house dwellers, trailer built or otherwise, but at least there aren’t any specific guidelines preventing its construction. Dad is out of town on business this week, but once he gets back we’ll do the bank transfer that will allow us to send the final payment to Tumbleweed to get our Amish Barn Raiser build going. Hooray!

Read the next post for the REAL reason we chose the Amish Barn Raiser vs. a scratch build.

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