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Good news and sorta-kinda- not-so-good-but-flattering news.

So, the good news is that after a month of researching financing options for the Tumbleweed Amish Barn Raiser and not being particularly satisfied with any of the available options presented, my father has graciously offered to finance the house for us at 3% interest instead of the crappy 0.1%-ish his bank gives him. He’ll pony up the $14,900 left to pay (since I paid the $1k down already) on the Cypress 24′ Barn Raiser with the dormered roof in cash to Tumbleweed, and we’ll pay him back a bit at a time. We get our house going sooner rather than later; he gets a better return on investment. Win-Win. It will be ready in 60 days from receipt of full payment, and we’ll drive up to Colorado to pick it up. Hooray! 🙂 Going to be a busy, busy (and likely hot, sticky, and miserable) Texas summer for us!

That brings me to the next part. The sorta-kinda-not-so-good-but-flattering news really isn’t bad at all, but it will be a whole new level of stressful and time consuming for me. I have been asked to find coverage for all my remaining clinical shifts (I already gave up my every-other-weekend to do admin stuff last month) so that I can spearhead a new project (or 20) at one of the facilities and still oversee the day-to-day operations at the other one. This is, of course, a huge honor and a great compliment to me (and I most definitely take it as such!), BUT – we still have to pack up, clear out, fix up, and sell our current house AND find time to complete our new tiny house, too, in time for our move to Colorado next January. Gonna be a bit hard to eek out family time, build time, and me time if I’m expected to work Monday through Friday! Working only 3 days a week is one of the BEST perks of being in the medical field after all!

We gave ourselves to the end of March to have our house totally cleared out and us living with my dad so that we can finally list if for sale and get the ball rolling. After I had all this new info dropped on me around 6pm last night while I was busy seeing patients I didn’t really have time to process just how much time it will take away from getting our house situation handled. I had even drastically cut back on shifts at my 2nd job to make plenty of time for house-related stuff, as well as the realization that Brandy not having to work is actually SAVING us money by the thousands per week – really! – so I’m free to work a bit less anyway. I had to call my boss back and leave a voicemail explaining that I just can’t start a M-F thing just yet and apologizing for not addressing it immediately.

Thankfully my boss was my peer when I started working at my primary job, and we have a great rapport. I’m not sweating it too much, but I do have to ensure my familial obligations are met while not appearing to be ungrateful for the vote of confidence in my ability to manage two facilities. I’m just now also starting to sweat how much time I’m going to lose to work on the tiny house, too, if I’m gone 8hrs+ per day 5 days a week vs. 12hrs/day for just 3 days per week. Going to be an interesting challenge for sure!

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