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FIY: Finish It Yourself

Here’s a couple questions for all the professional tiny house builders out there who might be looking for yet another way to serve tiny house customers:

  • Would you consider offering an “FIY: Finish It Yourself” model where you, the building expert, create the frame and enclose the outer walls, perhaps offering a few options for just how complete those walls are (insulation pre-installed? vapor barriers pre-applied? pre-drilled electrical/plumbing locations? 100% ready for interior & exterior siding including pre-installed windows? etc…) for customers who really want to DIY their house but might be concerned about the actual time, skills, and cost of the framing process?
  • Would you be willing to start these “FIY” models from purchaser-provided blueprints, or would you only offer your own models? Customizations of your plans allowed?
  • Could purchasers provide trailers of their choice, or would you use only those trailers you prefer based on your experience? If the latter, would you offer a wide range to accommodate many choices of plans?

I can tell you right now that if an experienced TH builder would build just the framing of our house (perhaps even as far as installing windows & the door and the outer vapor barrier to seal it all up) so we could gradually install the finishes to suit our needs, we would jump on that option! Our schedules and familial obligations are going to be the biggest obstacle to our build once we actually start, and without a giant carport or a warehouse to store the unfinished product in as we slowly chip away at the process, we are concerned the sometimes harsh and always unpredictable Texas weather will damage our house beyond our capabilities (and budget) to safely repair.

Having the house in a sealable state from the get-go, however, would be an amazing starting point for those of us who can’t devote whole days/weeks/months to building but genuinely want to have the option to select and install all the custom features they will actually interact with while living in their homes. For people like us who plan to actually tow the house cross-country it would also be an amazing stress reliever to know the physical structure of the house, the very bones holding her up, was created by building experts who can properly secure and support a tiny house for the added wear and tear that comes from regular road travel. A little peace of mind goes a long way when you plan to tow your entire house behind you at highway speeds over hill and dale!

So, you as a TH buyer/DIYer:

Would you be interested in an “FIY” model like this? What would be on your must-have list for a house you get to finish yourself, and what do you think would be a fair price for builders to charge? Let us know in the comments below!

And builders, if you would seriously consider offering something like this, we would L-O-V-E to be your Guinea pigs and help you show off your latest project and options for your valued customers! Let us know!! 🙂

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