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Well, it’s a start….. but barely….

I’m in the last 90 minutes of my fifth 12-hr shift in a row, and since I had a smidge of downtime (Did I mention that working for freestanding ERs is the best thing in ER nursing since sliced bread?! hehe) I thought I’d post a couple pictures from my pathetic attempt at decluttering during my last (wasted) chunk of days off. I don’t know how it happened, but over the last ten years we managed to accumulate sooooo many kitchen utensils it’s ridiculous! I found triplicates and quadruplicates of things we don’t need even in single form, and that was just in the drawers! I’ve actually got a TON more crap to clean out in the kitchen before I’ll have winnowed it down to just the items we plan to actually keep, but I did snap a pic of the primary items we’ll be saving. You’ll see quite a difference in the toss vs. keep photos, and like I said… that’s just to start.

Out with (a tiny percentage) of the old….


And in with the pared down (but not enough!) keepers….


There are actually 2 of the colored Tovolo pieces missing from the pic that were in the dishwasher, and the three black piers in the back will be donated with the rest of the items most likely. They’re just in good shape and very functional, so I’m keeping them on hand for now. Plus, that spaghetti claw is crazy useful, so I’m hanging on to it for now. Tovolo does have a silicone coated metal one that goes with our other stuff, though, so I might break down and get it to complete the “set.” We’ve got a bunch more gadgets in the cabinets, but at least this is a start. I’m going to haul some of this stuff up to my two jobs to see if anyone wants them and to shove a couple in the work kitchens, too, but otherwise they’re going to be donated somewhere.

We’ve also started figuring out how to pare down some of our book collection. Here’s the bulk of it:


I’ve already found homes for some of the various series that neither of us will read again, but for the dozens of classics that RAD will eventually have to read for school anyway plus a few personal faves we’ve found these (and variations of these) at Barnes & Noble called the “Collectible Editions Series:


We’ve already got a complete Shakespeare collection, but it’s a textbook and really awkwardly sized. We’ve found lots of others like these, but I still don’t know what we’ll do with Brandy’s ginormous comics collection. He has omnibus versions of some favorites, but that bottom left row of the big double bookcase is ALL graphic novels and trade series and doesn’t include any of the actual individual paper comics scattered around the house.


So much to do.

On a positive note, however, I think I’m FINALLY figuring out a method for us to tackle the biggest clutter in the house. I’m going to rent us a PODS container to plunk down in the driveway so we can shuffle some stuff out of the house to start on various projects inside. We’ve still got to fix the ceiling where we had a roof leak in our breakfast area which will require drywall dust galore, so I’m thinking I’ll move a lot of the kitchen stuff out to the POD and send RAD to my dad’s house for a day so we can make that repair. Then I’ll go room by room shuffling the bigger stuff around so I can get to the little stuff that really needs to be tossed or donated. It may seem like more work to move all the big things out and back in, but I feel like I need to see a dramatic change immediately to help encourage me to keep going.

Of course, I feel that way about weight loss, too. Helluvalotta good that’s done! Ha!

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