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It’s the day after Xmas, and all through the house, I’m internally banging my head against a wall because I’m overwhelmed with just how much stuff I have to do, and I actually do think we might have a mouse. Great.

We’re trying to get ready to sell our home, our first home that we had built and picked out every single detail of, so that we can move in with my father. My mother died recently from peritoneal cancer, and we see Dad’s point about paying for two mortgages, two utility bills, etc when we can just share space and halve (actually, closer to a 2/3 reduction) our bills until we all make the really big move across the country to Washington State. That’s the longterm goal, anyway, the “five year plan;” to get ourselves collectively to a state where the summers highs are in the 70s vs. the 100+ hell of the Texas sun. First, though, we have to muscle through packing two houses to sell the big one and make room for three adults and a toddler in the other smaller one and then eventually sell the smaller one, too. Hence the head banging, and not to some killer heavy metal song. My mosh pit days are long over, unless you count chasing a screaming toddler around while dodging wayward toys and tiny flying fists of protest.

We’re also trying to realize a combined dream neatly wrapped up into one kickass creation: a Tumbleweed Tiny House. OUR Tumbleweed Tiny House to be exact, though right now it’s merely a collection of hacked floor plans from the tumbleweedhouses.com website for inspiration and my imagination. I’ve always wanted to spend a year traveling the continental US and Canada in a travel trailer, and my husband has always wanted to build a house by hand from the ground up. A Tumbleweed Tiny House will accomplish both those goals since we can build it from scratch (on a flatbed trailer instead of the ground) and then take it cross-country to get to our eventual stopping point in Washington. In the meantime, though, we’ll likely take it to Colorado since the company I work for is opening five new locations around Denver in the next two years, so we could have a change of scenery and yet still be a day’s drive from Dad and not have to be tied down with a rental either. Then we’d live in the TH while a permanent house is built on whatever land we end up buying in Washington. We already have that plan picked out, and 1421sqft is going to seem like a mansion compared to the TH. Who knows… maybe we’ll decide on something smaller after our time in the TH!

I just realized that I forgot to take a page from David Copperfield and start at the beginning, so I’ll backtrack and at least introduce us.

I’m Meg, my hubby is Brandy, and we have a little boy we call RAD (it’s his initials… no, really!). I’m a Registered Nurse who works for a private emergency room company (and a 2nd one part-time, too), and Brandy has finally decided on a career in Medical Laboratory Science and is starting full-time college this spring (hence why I now have 2 jobs). He’ll also be working part-time somewhere and playing Mr. Mom a bit with the help of my Dad since his classes are currently online. Once he starts the crazy science classes (organic chemistry, immunology, bioengineering, etc) the “bring home the (turkey) bacon” part falls solely to me. That fact is another reason we’re wanting to sell our current house: fewer expenses means fewer extra shifts for me which means more time home with my boys. Yay! Moving in with my dad will help immensely, but taking it a step further into the TH will radically change our lifestyle and shift our priorities even further.

We live in Texas and are sooooooooooo ready to get the hell outta here to a cooler clime (I was pregnant during the hottest Texas summer on record. ‘Nuff said), a significantly more liberal populace (less fire, brimstone and bigotry; more eco-consciousness and modern thinking), and just a more laid back, self-sufficient, Earth-friendly lifestyle simply not possible in the petroleum capital of the country. We’re not “eco warriors” or outright hippies, but we try to make the best choices we can to be responsible parents to our son and good stewards of the Earth. We’re just in a terrible area to do it! We also fell victim to the “bigger is better” attitude of Texas (yeah, tell that to my waistline… ugh!) and let the “we work hard, so we deserve this” mantra drive our spending habits. We’ve never cared to keep up with the Joneses per se, but we have let our desires for physical stuff overthrow our instincts to live more simply. And frankly, I’m just too damn tired of trying to clean this big damn house! We’re D-O-N-E having too much crap in too big of a house, and we can’t wait to live the laid-back life we dream of!!

And then I look around the house and realize there’s still so much crap to toss, pack, sell, donate, WTFE and so very little time. That’s about the time my brain overloads and I find myself longing for my mother, who always knew exactly what to say to make me feel better and motivate me to keep going. Plus, she was the best cleaning lady ever since she loved helping me tackle the big job of keeping 3,193 sqft clean (or at least presentable as it barely is most days!). In a way I think I’m more driven than ever to make all these changes as a way to honor her memory. She believed in me no matter how many times I screwed up over the years, and she was always the first one to tell me she was proud of me for doing things right. There’s a ginormous hole in my heart where she used to be, and I want to honor her by following through with this slightly crazy but totally wonderful plan of ours. She and I were bad with follow through when it came to my many “brilliant” plans over my lifetime, but this is one idea that is worth seeing through to the end. She was so excited about getting to move to Washington with us and had been looking at house plans and land for sale just a month before she was diagnosed with cancer, and since she’ll never get that chance now I’m going to make damn sure that we make it there so I can make a little memory garden in the woods and plant a dogwood tree in her honor.

Until that day comes, though, we’ve got to get our asses in gear so we can get this big house sold and the tiny house built!

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