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*READ ME FIRST* … Welcome to TinyHouse43’s Building Blog!

Welcome! As you may have seen on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or website accounts, we moved our tiny house to Loveland, ColoradoΒ in October 2015, where we spent a fun and … Continue reading

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Taking A Break

I am taking a step back from all things tiny house for a few days. My frustration level with a matter out of our hands that limits our ability to … Continue reading

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A GLAMOURous Tiny House Life

I am so pleased to have been included with two of my tiny house heroes in an article about maximizing and customizing a tiny house to suit the needs of … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Building Anniversary, TinyHouse43!

I just lost over 2hrs of writing and a really cool slideshow I was putting together of highlights from the tiny house being built since May 14th makes two years … Continue reading

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Texas, Our Texas

I know I whine a bunch about Texas summers (and I’m justified in doing so having survived being pregnant during the second hottest summer on record dangit!), but I have … Continue reading

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TinyHouse43 v1.0 Video Tour

Greetings! I have posted a pair of heavily detailed video tours of our tiny house to our own YouTube channel called TINY HOUSE FOR THREE. I’ve also embedded them at … Continue reading

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Reality Bites

This should probably be two posts, but that’s just not how I roll. Grab some coffee and a snack. This’ll take a minute… I don’t want to write this post at … Continue reading

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A Constant Work In Progress

Here’s a new way to look at our #tinyhouse : unfinished projects.      We ran out of time to complete all the details on our tiny house before we … Continue reading

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TinyHouse43 is Officially a Tiny House Travel Trailer in Texas!!

Big day today!! I’ve been stressing out for over a year about the day we would attempt to re-title our “flat bed trailer” into an “RV Travel Trailer,” and at … Continue reading

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T-Minus 5 Days to Launch!

Okay, okay, I know… I’ve been a lazy blogger for the past few months. But, with good excuse I swear! We are a short 5 days away from departing Texas … Continue reading

October 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

A Slacker’s Tale

So, I’m not *really* a slacker in life, but I have definitely been far too distracted with work and actual building on the tiny house to do much in the … Continue reading

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Little easier to see the difference now that it's dark outside. Refreshed all the paint in the window seat, and I touched up all the scuffs elsewhere in the room before cleaning it all up. Figured I might as well. #tinyhousekidsroom #tinyhouse Three of 4 sides of trim added around R.A.D's window seat in the custom bump out we added to give him more play room. There are gaps between the trim and the actual window box wood that will have to be filled with some 1"sq pieces, and eventually I'll take the roller blind down and add the upper portion as well.

Apologies for the poor lighting. It's getting dark out, and the LED color change bulbs in this room aren't very bright anyway. C'est la vie.

#tinyhouse #tinyhousewindows #tinyhousekidsroom Painted grey and attached the faux beadboard panel for the #tinyhousekitchen cabinetry. Big parts left include a similar panel to cover the fresh water tank, adding flooring under the kitchen sink, and a cabinet door to hide the under-sink area. Smaller projects include extra trim work on the front facing part of the non-moveable counter section and a few more securing devices for the moveable island portion to keep it and its contents from sliding/falling during transport of the #tinyhouse. The progress continues, though these are still just temporary fixes. Seems silly, I know, but I'm not the power tool expert Brand is. Many of our projects require spinning blades of death, so I'm sticking with eyesore removal and smaller detail projects until he has time to crank up the table saw. Besides - the quiet alone time in the #tinyhouse is cathartic for me, even if the progress I make is only superficial. I'll take it just the same. πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ’™ #tinyhousebuild #tinyhouseremodel #diytinyhouse There I was minding my own business eating my breakfast and reading this month's #MotherEarthNews while on my #tinyhouse hiatus, and... BAM... tiny houses invaded the pages. 😜 I really, truly can't escape them no matter where I go or what I do, I swear. Doesn't help that my own is staring at me through the rain and vegetation right now out the kitchen window. lol Enjoy your day; I return to my cave for a few more. πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ’™ #youcanrunbutyoucanthide Just an FYI. πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ’™



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