Welcome to TinyHouse43!

Welcome to TinyHouse43.com, a blog about our journey from our Texas-sized McMansion 2 a mobile Tiny House Fo4r Thr3e!

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The TinyHouse43 Has ArrivedWhether you’ve been following us since December 2013 when we officially started our journey to the tiny life or you’ve only recently come across our posts or Facebook page, we hope you’ll enjoy reading through our process of downsizing from our 3,193sft home, moving into our “half-way house,” and finally finishing the build of our 172sqft (+ lofts) Tumbleweed Barn Raiser. We have finally moved into Meg’s father’s house as of July 2014, so now we can focus on building the tiny house almost exclusively – hooray! Check back frequently as we post about building decisions, products we choose, lessons we learn, and any issues that arise as we progress through the build. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration for your own tiny house dreams and learn from any hiccups we may experience along the way.

Thank you all for joining us on this adventure! <3

About Us & Our Tiny Goals

We are Meg & Brandy, parents to a wonderful little boy nicknamed R.A.D (his initials… no, really!), and our journey from McMansion to Tiny House is gradually moving forward. Meg is a Texas native who has lived in several of the major Texas cities and their surrounding areas plus a stint in Las Vegas, and Brandy hails from Illinois by way of a brief stop in El Salvador and several years in East Texas. We both wound up in the greater Dallas area where we met, moved in with each other, and married in a short nine months after Meg came back to Texas from Vegas to finish nursing school (RN) after bridging from being a paramedic. After struggling with infertility and failed treatments for several years, R.A.D came along as a complete surprise right around the time we’d resigned ourselves to being kid free until we could afford to adopt. Now Brandy, six years Meg’s junior, has also decided on a career in the medical field in Medical Laboratory Science. Meg is already planning to get him a shirt to wear under his graduation robes with a silly saying: “Back off man… I’m a scientist.” Ha!


***FEBRUARY 2015 UPDATE*** We purchased Tumbleweed Tiny House Co’s Amish Barn Raiser 24′ Cypress model that we picked-up in Colorado Springs May 2014 with our new Dodge Ram 3500 dually, the heart of our traveling tiny house! We are just about done with the exterior of our house and lack only the custom window bumpout and storage shed on the tongue, the dormer window trim and cheek wall siding, and some detail work. We are hoping to have the whole house completed in time to travel to the Tiny House Jamboree in August, so we’d better get a move on! That would bring our actual build time to one year from when we actually starting making meaninful changes to the house, so here goes nothing!! :)We’re also planning to skip Colorado and just hit the road, so the Jamboree would be our maiden voyage. Fingers crossed!!

We are currently gathering materials and making slow but steady progress on our tiny house after mustering the energy and commitment to sell off or give away about 90% of our belongings, rent our 3,193sqft “Big House” to friends, and move in with Meg’s father to fill the space in his 2389sqft “Half-Way House” left empty after the death of Meg’s mother in late 2013. Brandy and R.A.D are both back in school this fall, Dad is working on his various home improvement projects while still working out-of-town a week or two per month, and Meg is working two nursing jobs to help pay for it all. TH43

The “five year(-ish) plan” has changed to (more than likely) eliminate the original year in Colorado in favor of hitting the road immediately to take about a year-long roadtrip in our Tiny House to see the sights of North America. We’ve got a tentative plan to hit all of the Lower 48 States and most Canadian Providences that can be seen HERE - maybe we’ll come to a city near you! Once we settle in Washington we’ll build a small house on some land in Kitsap county (hopefully!) so we can be close to Seattle and still enjoy the advantages of having a little extra green space all to ourselves. We’ll make it as eco-friendly and off the grid as possible, and we hope to be able to send R.A.D to a nearby 81-acre working farm school called Sunfield Waldorf School and have our own little mini farm of goats, chickens, horses, and pigs. Meg, who is adopted, neither inherited nor osmosed her dad’s amazing green thumb, so we will be relying on his gardening expertise to build an organic vegetable garden for our primary food supply. Lots to do and plan for!

Ready, set, GO!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to TinyHouse43!

  1. Sounds like quite a plan. We just sold everything and moved to Bacalar, Mexico from Austin, Tx. We are building a tiny house to live out our dream. Follow our blog.

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